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Using The Maps/Garmin Software / Re: routing
« on: January 18, 2019, 03:50:37 PM »
Great!  8)

Using The Maps/Garmin Software / Re: routing
« on: January 15, 2019, 12:58:16 PM »
Looks like there are many problems with newer versions of the Oregon 600 firmware. You might want to roll back to whatever previous version was working for you.


I suspect you will find better sites to discuss this kind of problem, the GPSFileDepot forums are primarily intended to discuss the maps available from this site, and it's a very sleepy place these days. ;)

Haha, that is easy to do accidentally in Mobile Atlas Creator. It would be nice if it moved your view when you select a map for a different region.

Thanks for the kind words, and glad you're enjoying the maps!  8)

Also - what version of Mobile Atlas Creator are you running? The tutorials with those maps have not been updated and the current version of MOBAC is 2.1.0. I suggest that you upgrade if you have not already done so, because the new version has several new built-in mapsources from the USGS, including aerials and topo maps.

You might also have a look at the tutorial I wrote for LIDAR in the Pines HD, which contains an update to the section on Mobile Atlas Creator, including mini-tutorials on exporting maps in additional formats. https://boydsmaps.com/docs/lidar-in-the-pines-hd.pdf

Hey Damon,

The red X marks mean there is no map data at the location you are browsing. You have not provided enough information to troubleshoot this, but a couple things come to mind.

Are you sure the area you're viewing is inside the coverage of the 1899 map? That map is bounded by Cape May in the South, Trenton in the North and the Delaware River in the West. The red X marks will appear if you aren't in the area.

You can verify your position using the OpenStreetMap mapsource (shown in your screenshot).

I use Mobile Atlas Creator on Windows 7 Pro 64 bit to create all my maps, so it is definitely compatible with your system.

If you're sure that you are inside the coverage of the map, look inside the same folder as the Mobile Atlas Creator program. There should be a file named boydmap1899.mbtiles with a size of 1,399,255 KB. That is the actual map data. If this file is missing, or if it is corrupt then that could cause the problem.

Does my Map of the Pines HD work properly, or do you also see red X marks for it?

GPSr Units / Re: txfr topo maps from basecamp to 62s
« on: January 02, 2019, 12:03:02 PM »
I would NEVER add more maps to a pre-loaded Garmin data card. You are taking a big chance there, if you mess it up Garmin will not help you. That is one reason why I don't like the pre-loaded cards, it ties up your whole card slot with only one map. If you need to use the card, then put your other maps in internal memory.

As you probably know, the map is tied to your specific card, and won't work if copied to another card. I would still back it up however, because if the card become corrupt you might save it by re-formatting and copying the map back to it. And installing maps with Garmin's buggy MapInstall software is probably a good way to corrupt the data on your card. ;)

As originally provided, the card should have 3 files in the Garmin folder. The .img file is the map itself (typically gmapsupp.img) then there should be two other files with the same name but with a .gma and .unl extension. These are used for copy protection.

There is no such thing as "read protection". If you can't access the map, then it is probably damaged or missing. Javawa Device Manager should show you more info, and should also show whether you can access the map in Basecamp.

GPSr Units / Re: txfr topo maps from basecamp to 62s
« on: January 02, 2019, 08:17:31 AM »
For starters, I would download these two free programs - every Garmin owner should have them - they will help you understand and manage the maps on your computer and gps


Regarding the map you can't identify, are you sure it is actually installed on the card and not internal memory? Easy way to test that would be removing the card, restarting the gps and then looking in the map setup menu to see what is listed.

Aside from that, you need to understand that .img files are "containers" that can hold more than one map, depending on how they were installed. Old garmin devices only recognized one map file name - gmapsupp.img. So if you wanted multiple maps on the device, they had to be all rolled into that single file.

So one of your files may have two maps in it. On the card, maps should be the only thing installed there. The \Garmin folder should only contain files with an .img extension. These should all be map files.

I think the utilities listed above will help you sort this out.

GPSr Units / Re: txfr topo maps from basecamp to 62s
« on: January 02, 2019, 04:41:06 AM »
Check what versions of Basecamp and MapInstall you are using. If it is Basecamp 4.7 and MapInstall 4.2, they are broken. See the link I posted above for more info.

Also look in the Garmin folder on the SD card.  What files do you see and how large are they?

Thanks Red, I thought that site was somehow related to GPSInformation.net but couldn't put my finger on it. Here it is


Here's another site with older versions of Basecamp, perhaps it would be better to use this in the future?


I am a bit concerned about the gawisp.com/perry links we have been posting. If you just go to gawisp.com (I suggest that you DON'T try this), you are re-directed to a really questionable site. I was greeted with a bogus installer for Adobe Flash when I went there, which is a classic way of distributing Malware. So I think the site has been hacked, and that raises concerns about the files there.

They seem to be OK, but I am not going to post any more links to that site. I just don't trust it, and don't know anything about who owns/maintains the site. You might want to think twice before going there or posting links.

And that is really bad news, because Garmin does not offer their own archive of old software. So what are we going to do? This is a really bad situation. As per another thread, Garmin has officially discontinued Basecamp development. So they are not going to fix this MapInstall problem.

What a mess.  >:(

GPSr Units / Re: txfr topo maps from basecamp to 62s
« on: January 01, 2019, 05:04:27 AM »
First, you don't have a SIM card in your GPS. SIM cards are for phones, you have a micro SD card, which is something completely different. :)

If you want to be completely certain you don't lose data on your GPS, you need to back it up. Create a folder on your computer and copy the entire contents of the SD card to it. Then make another folder and copy the entire contents of your GPS internal memory. This will let you restore if you have a problem.

Garmin's old software, Mapsource, did actually delete an old map and replace it with a new one. It always created a file named gmapsupp.img, so if you already had a file with that name then it would be deleted. The simplest solution for this is to change the name of the map file after you send it. In other words, open the Garmin folder and change gmapsupp.img to topo.img (or whatever you like). Mapsource was discontinued a number of years ago, but it still works.

Garmin's newer software is Basecamp and there is a companion program called MapInstall that does the actual installation of maps. It is designed not to delete existing files. But unfortunately it's complicated now. The current version of MapInstall is broken and cannot install a usable map on your GPS.

There are many threads about this problem here. And we just learned that Garmin has no intention of fixing this problem and they are no longer updating Basecamp/Mapinstall. This thread has more information and suggestions for how to deal with the problem. But it's a bad situation all around.  >:(


Using The Maps/Garmin Software / Re: Basecamp vs Garmin explore website
« on: December 30, 2018, 08:33:58 AM »
Thanks, I had not see this Garmin page before. Here's the url. New users at GPSFileDepot can't post urls, but I think you could have just stripped out evrything before "support" and posted it


Having seen that, I tend to agree that Garmin is going to force people in this direction, but probably not for awhile (since they acknowledge it still has advantages).

You raise a good point - all that's really needed to use the 3rd party maps is Mapinstall - I hadn't thought that through.

I'm wondering if you've really thought it through? ;) The current version of MapInstall CANNOT install 3rd party maps. There are a flood of posts about this here in the gpsfiledepot forums, I responded to one yesterday. They bundle Basecamp and MapInstall together, and if you are running an old version it will automatically update to the current version with the default preference settings. If you disable automatic updates, it still downloads them and then nags you forever to install.

So the result is, most people now have the broken version of MapInstall, and when they try to install a map such as the ones here, everything seems to be fine. But when you enable the map on the gps, there is no detail.

Since Garmin has stopped Basecamp development, they seem to have zero interest in fixing this problem. So users must look to other users on a site like this to diagnose the problem and find a way around it. I still want to believe this is just a bug in MapInstall, but the result is that third party maps can't be installed and you can't even install old Garmin products that you purchased on DVD.

So why should they bother to fix this? It's much more benefit to them for you to buy a new downloadable map. And the downloadable maps are locked to a single GPS device as opposed to the older topo maps on DVD that could be installed without restriction.

In the end, like I said, "it is what it is". Either you will put up with it or you'll move on to another platform and leave Garmin behind. I started boydsmaps.com for the maps I make myself.  There are currently 15 free maps available for download; 3 of them are in Garmin's traditional .img file format and the other 12 are raster imagery in a universal format that uses Mobile Atlas Creator where you can export them to your Garmin handheld, Magellan handheld plus about two dozen apps on Android, iOS, Linux, Windows and MacOS. Mobile Atlas Creator is a free open source program that runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux and is a platform I would much rather support.

Using The Maps/Garmin Software / Re: Basecamp vs Garmin explore website
« on: December 30, 2018, 04:43:08 AM »
I fail to see your logic here. That website is for users of their InReach devices, there does not seem to be any relation at all to their regular GPS devices. Garmin purchased DeLorme several years ago, including their inReach technology.

Can you provide an official link that says Garmin has discontinued Basecamp? I know there has been some discussion of this on the forums, but have not seen an official statement. My guess is that they have stopped developing Basecamp - which is not the same as discontinuing it. I suspect they have just moved their programmers to other projects they consider more important.

As Red said, you can still download Basecamp and also the old Mapsource from Garmin's site. And this site has an archive of all the old versions. http://www.gawisp.com/perry/

But there are some valid concerns, because the current version of MapInstall is broken and cannot send third party maps to a GPS unit. Actually, I think it goes beyond that and MapInstall can't even send older Garmin products purchased on DVD. I assume this is just a bug, but 7 months have passed and they have not fixed it. So you will need to either use an old version of Basecamp/MapInstall or Mapsource with maps like the ones here.

For my own maps, I'm offering one version to install in Basecamp for Windows, another version for Macs, and a third version with just the map file that you can drag and drop on the GPS device. We have discussed this in other threads, and I think it would be helpful for other mapmakers to also offer map files for the GPS unit, since it doesn't look like we can trust Garmin to fix this.

Garmin no longer sells maps that require MapInstall. They discontinued all the DVD products several years ago. Now they only offer downloadable map files for the GPS itself, and pre-loaded data cards. The only current Garmin product that can even use MapInstall is the pre-installed Lifetime City Navigator maps on their automotive devices. When you download an update to these maps, you have the option of installing them on your computer and can then use MapInstall if you only want to install a small portion of the map. My guess is that they will discontinue this feature also.

Anyway, "it is what it is". Sales of dedicated GPS units have gone way down in recent years and I'm sure they will continue to slide.

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