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How would that work? I looked at it awhile back - they also have a web portal - and AFAIK you must own one of the newer (read: expensive) Garmin devices. I think it only allows your compatible Garmin devices (such as the Overlander) to download maps that were included in the purchase but not pre-loaded, such as scanned USGS topo's and digital globe (birdseye) imagery.

How would you use it to access third party .img files stored on your computer (as the OP has requested)? Maybe that's possible, but I never saw anything to suggest that it is.

Garmin broke MapInstall a couple years ago such that it would not install old-style maps that depend on the Windows registry. That prevented the majority of maps here at GPSFiledepot from working. However, the current version (which you apparently have) fixed that problem. And Garmin has not used this old format for their own maps for many years anyway, so the bug would not have affected them.

I really can't think of anything that would cause a "real" Garmin map to fail with Basecamp but still work with Mapsource. In the end, this is a problem with a Garmin product so I think you are at their mercy if it doesn't work. As a practical matter, just use Mapsource as they advised. Since it would only be needed when you install one map on your GPS, I don't see why that should be an issue, you could use Basecamp for everything else.

BTW, development work also ceased on Basecamp several years ago, so it has "one foot in the grave" too. Garmin is moving towards using an app, a web portal and the cloud for managing their new devices.

It could also be something specific to the GPSMap276cx, are you using the newest firmware? That has been a very controversial product and has angered/disappointed many of Garmin's most loyal customers. You could try asking some other owners in this long thread:


Using The Maps/Garmin Software / Re: CA-CentralProvTopo Map on Montana
« on: October 14, 2021, 04:34:33 AM »
There's also a limit to the total number of map segments that your GPS can access. When you exceed that limit, some maps (or parts of maps) just won't show up. This is completely unrelated to the size of the files or capacity of your memory card. IIRC, the limit is 4000 segments on the Montana.

I believe that Javawa Device Manager can show you the total number of segments. It's the total number that matters, doesn't matter whether the maps are in internal memory or a card, it's the total of all maps on both. If you have a lot of maps on the GPS, try removing some.

Using The Maps/Garmin Software / Re: CA-CentralProvTopo Map on Montana
« on: October 12, 2021, 03:11:56 PM »
I'm not a home now so I'd need to look at one of my gps's but I think there is a setting for internal/external maps.

I never saw a Garmin GPS with such a setting. Just create a Garmin folder on the SD card and put the map inside. The GPS should automatically look for maps in both folders. I also don't think the folder name is case-sensitive, pretty sure that "GARMIN", "Garmin" and "garmin" would all be recognized as map folders by the GPS.

A number of years ago, there were issues with map names that had non-alphabetic characters in them. I recall it in relation to "custom maps" (kmz files) specifically, and the dash character was one of the problems, so a name like CA-Central would not have worked. Most likely, that bug has been fixed, but if nothing else works, try re-naming the map file with only letters.

If you have a smartphone, use my web app (screenshot below). It has most of the trails and works just like a gps.


I've lived in Southern NJ for about 30 years and have offered free maps of the region since 2008. My maps are the result of considerable research and include lots of features you won't find anywhere else.

City Navigator is copy protected and must be purchased for each device. Any discussion of ways to circumvent copy protection is not allowed on this site.

Garmin sells the map as a download, but you must connect the desired GPS during the download process and it will then be permanently locked to only that device. So, if your GPS breaks or is lost then you're just out of luck. They also sell City Navigator pre-installed on memory cards. These cards can be used on any GPS, however, only one at a time. The cards are copy protected and cannot be duplicated.

I had a detailed map of NJ available here in the past, but I no longer make maps for Garmin devices. However, all my maps can be used on your phone with my free mobile web app. Here's one example that covers everything South of I-195, but there are many other maps available in the app.


A big update is coming for my web app in a few weeks, with lots of new features and full compatibility for desktop computers as well as phones.

For your GPS, you could look at the NJGIN trail map which was one of the data sources for my map. It can be downloaded as a KML file which I *think* Basecamp can import and export back out as a GPX file for your Garmin handheld (I haven't ever tried however). If not, then Google Earth should be able to open it and export as a GPX file.


Of course, that would just appear as a "track" on the GPS, and you would need another map to use as background.

General Discussion / Re: Utah topos
« on: October 05, 2021, 09:06:36 AM »
There are quite a few Utah topo maps on the site, have you looked at all of them?


My web app has a number of maps of that area, including OpenTopoMap, topo's, LIDAR imagery and aerials from the USGS plus street maps and aerials from HERE. Like all my maps, it's free with no ads and no registration. It does require an internet connection however.


General Discussion / Re: GPSReview.net
« on: September 27, 2021, 04:32:34 AM »
Hi Gator! Yes we have been in touch, he had no idea what was going on either but said he would see what he could find out. Last e-mail I got from him was Sept 15 and he said he hoped to know more "soon". Obviously, that didn't happen so I haven't bothered him again.

Oh well, we all knew it was going to happen eventually. The owners of the site obviously didn't care, Tim said he was trying to get them to move to HTTPS last year but they weren't interested. From what I could tell, Tim was not really involved with site management anymore, I think it was pretty much on "automatic" and this is the result. Just like GPSPassion, I suspect very few people will actually miss it.

So.... on to the "next big thing". Spending all my time finishing up my own new web app. The Garmin era is over (for me at least).  ;)

Map Making Support / Re: OSM > .mp (polish) experts here? :'(
« on: September 19, 2021, 01:48:46 PM »
As I understood it, @groovy is trying make a routable Garmin map. Sorry, that's something I have never done.

General Discussion / GPSReview.net
« on: September 16, 2021, 07:18:52 AM »
Some of you are probably familiar with the GPSReview forums, I have been a moderator there for many years. Starting on September 13, I have been getting "Invalid URL" error messages when I go to http://forums.gpsreview.net

It's unclear at this point exactly what is happening, but there's a good chance the company that owns the site just decided to pull the plug without warning. I'm in touch with someone who should know, he is also uncertain what's going on but says he hopes to know more soon.

Anyway, this may very well be the end. Last year the plug was pulled on the the GPSPassion forums in a similar way with no warning. LaptopGPS also shut down last year, but that was announced in advance.

This sure feels like the beginning of the end of dedicated GPS devices. Not something that will happen overnight, but the trajectory seems pretty clear. Garmin is the only company that still makes handheld devices for the US market, giving them a de-facto monopoly.

We shall see. My Montana 600 died several years ago and I am not going to replace it. Still use a Garmin DriveTrack 71 in the car and like it. But I am no longer offering Garmin format maps on my own site and am developing my own free GPS web app as an alternative.

Interesting times, for sure. Let's hope the lights stay on here at GPSFileDepot!  :)

Site Support / Re: Cannot download map from site?
« on: September 05, 2021, 07:03:18 AM »
No clue why Chrome didn't work, but I was using Safari on my Mac. It is standard behavior for it to ask if you want to allow downloads the first time you attempt it on a site. Seems like a good security feature, in case you inadvertently click on a download link or if it was disguised in some way to entice you to download some malware.

Site Support / Re: Cannot download map from site?
« on: September 05, 2021, 03:17:06 AM »
Seems to download OK on my 2018 Mac Mini running Catalina. It was going to take over 20 minutes, so I cancelled the download after about 30mb. Perhaps there was a problem with the site when you tried? Or maybe an ISP issue or something?

Can you download other maps? Are you running any kind of ad blockers or anti-virus software that might interfere?

Using The Maps/Garmin Software / Re: Fail installing GPSFileDepot maps
« on: August 30, 2021, 11:16:41 AM »
Cool!  8)

Using The Maps/Garmin Software / Re: Fail installing GPSFileDepot maps
« on: August 29, 2021, 09:41:58 AM »
You can install on the card or internal memory, it should work the same. Is your card formatted as FAT32? If not, then it will work in your computer but the GPS will not recognize it.

Using The Maps/Garmin Software / Re: Fail installing GPSFileDepot maps
« on: August 29, 2021, 03:58:46 AM »
A variety of things might cause that, could be a problem with MapInstall, a conflict between maps from different authors, etc. Garmin devices also have a "tile limit" that is completely unrelated to the size of the map in megabytes. It is about 4000 on most newer devices, old devices are typically around 2000 tiles. You will hit that limit LONG before filling a 32gb card. Typically, around 4gb of maps will max it out, but there is no standard tile size so you can't generalize.

Try these two programs, the author stopped development due to health problems so they may have compatibility issues unfortunately. But they are very helpful at diagnosing problems. They will show you the number of tiles.


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