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There are free tools like mkgmap (which I have not used) or cgpsmapper (which is discontinued but still available at archive.org). These are complicated solutions that have a pretty steep learning curve.

For simplicity, have a look at Mapwel. I bought a copy many years ago and haven't used it since. But I think you can download and use it for free, but need to purchase/register to send a map to your GPS. Evidently it can directly download OSM data. If so, you could just delete everything but the roads you want. And the advantage of Mapwell is that it's a one-stop solution, where most other workflows involve using multiple apps.


also, from what you write, it seems like even if i did get it to work it might not work the way i want it to work without me actually getting knees deep into making custom maps?

IMO, that's the situation. If you're particular about your maps.... make your own. I started doing that in 2008. I used to be interested in modifying Garmin's maps, but don't do that anymore. You might want to learn a bit about TYP files, they allow you to change the appearance of everything on the map, and as I said, you could make features invisible that way. Then you could make a transparent overlay with the roads that you want.

Here's an old thread I started on changing the appearance of Garmin maps, some of it is no longer relevant and I'm not interested getting back into this. So, "it is what it is"  :)


The online TYP editor mentioned there no longer exists. IMO, this is the best editor today and it's free


To make your own transparent road overlay, you could just use openstreetmap data. There are also good tutorials for making maps on this site, but that gets complicated.


Using The Maps/Garmin Software / Re: Map overlay/draw order on GPSMAP
« on: April 07, 2020, 10:38:33 AM »
Enabling two topo maps at the same time will just be a big mess, no matter how you do it. You would need one map that only has roads, and another one with everything else to make that work. And it's just not practical to do that with Garmin products, you'd need to make your own maps.

But it sounds like, on a more basic level, your problem is that the draw order only determines how the maps stack. The topo maps have opaque backgrounds that will hide everything behind them. The map with the highest priority should not have a background object. That would let the other map show through.

You *might* be able to address that issue with a custom TYP file that makes the background object (0x4b IIRC) invisible. And you might also address the issue of duplicate objects that same way, by making everything but the roads invisible. This is beyond the scope of what I can explain here though.

Not sure why your 24k topo doesn't hide the other maps if it has a priority of 30. That is odd.

General Discussion / Re: Garmin Drivesmart
« on: March 23, 2020, 02:43:17 AM »
You cannot load tracks  on Garmin's automotive devices, this has always been the case and is a common complaint. So I assume that your "maps" are actually tracks, and those just won't ever work. You can load gpx files with waypoints, but not tracks. To clarify: gpx files can contain either lines or points. Lines are called "tracks" and points are called "waypoints". There are also "routes", but on a Garmin Automotive Device, these will be converted to "trips".

Apparently Garmin has done this intentionally, because there's no technical reason why it shouldn't work. But Garmin has always had a strategy of removing certain features from devices to force you to buy something more expensive. In this case, they want you to buy an outdoor-type device if you need to use tracks.

Now there is a work-around, but not very simple. You can use one of these programs to turn your tracks into transparent maps that will display on top of the City Navigator map. The first one is free, I have not used either.


What is Caltopo? Is it a Garmin map? If so, then can't you just open the track in Basecamp, take a screenshot and save it as a PNG file?

One of the maps I have been working with is Montana State on the gspfiledepot website.
Every time that I tried to unzip the file I would get errors.

Is this the map?


If so, then it really doesn't have anything to do with GPSFileDepot. You did not download this map from GPSFileDepot, it is hosted on another website so any problems you had were from http://www.miscjunk.org/mj/mp_mttopo.html

Using The Maps/Garmin Software / Re: gmapsupp file in etrex 20
« on: February 28, 2020, 05:33:23 PM »
I don't understand how you created the gmapsupp.img file. The "old way" to do this with Mapsource is described here: https://www.gpsfiledepot.com/tutorials/how-to-load-maps-on-my-garmin-gps-unit/#mapsource

However, the eTrex 20 isn't one of the old GPS units that can only use a single gmapsupp.img file. The eTrex 20 will recognize map files with any name as long as they have an .img extension. On this type of device, it is better to use just one map per file. My experience is that when you combine multiple maps in a single file, there can be issues, especially if the maps are from different sources/authors.

The " disk image is corrupted " message is bogus and doesn't mean anything. Garmin maps have an .img file extension, and (unfortunately) the .img extension is also used for disk images. The computer doesn't find the right kind of data and therefore assumes you have a courrpted disk image. But in fact you have a valid map file.

What maps did you download? How did you install them? Most of the maps on this site include an installer that will put the maps into Basecamp on your computer. You should then be able to view them on the computer and make sure everything looks OK. You then use MapInstall to send the map to your GPS. Did you do all of this?

There is an older version of Basecamp/MapInstall that doesn't work correctly. Make sure you have installed the newest versions.

Another possible problem is the way the SD card is formatted. It must be formatted as FAT-32 and this may not be possible with cards larger than 32gb (IIRC). If the card is not formatted FAT-32, then everything will appear to work on the computer, but the GPS will not recognize the maps.

General Discussion / Re: Garmin Basecamp
« on: February 12, 2020, 09:16:25 AM »
Might have something to do with the Windows registry. Have you seen this post from 93ToyTruck?


As for "whats going on"... Basecamp is a mess and Garmin got tired of trying to fix it, so they have abandoned it and moved on to a web-based program that supports their new, premium devices.  ;)

General Discussion / Re: Garmin Basecamp
« on: February 10, 2020, 04:11:14 AM »
Not sure what would be gained by waiting. Basecamp has been discontinued and Garmin isn't going to be improving it. We were all surprised when they actually fixed the map installation bug. But it took a year and a half before they did that.

General Discussion / Re: Topo Maps on a Nuvi
« on: February 10, 2020, 04:09:08 AM »
Why do you have to wait for a couple weeks? You can look at different place on the GPS without actually being there. And you can turn on the GPS simulator in the menu so it will act like you really are there.

General Discussion / Re: Topo Maps on a Nuvi
« on: February 08, 2020, 04:48:18 PM »
First, these are not "disc image files". I know that's what your computer says, but it's wrong. ;) They are Garmin map files. The problem is that the .img extension is used for different kinds of files.

A little hard to tell, but what you describe sounds OK. I assume you can you view the map(s) in Basecamp/Mapsource on your computer? See this tutorial for map installation. Unfortunately, it's a little out of date.


Anyway, there shouldn't be a problem using topo maps on a Nuvi. Sometimes, they don't look very good, but they work. So - sorry - you must be doing something wrong.

General Discussion / Re: Topo Maps on a Nuvi
« on: February 08, 2020, 04:28:17 AM »
What is the "predecessor of this site"? GPSFileDepot has been around for quite some time.... I have been posting maps here since 2008, and it was not new then. :) But anyway, it's meaningless to talk about the "maps from this site" as though they had something in common. They do not. This site is just a collection of maps by many different people. There are no standards for how they are made and there can be big differences in the approach and method. of the authors. In other words, it's like talking about the "books from the library", as though they all had something in common.

Most of the maps here should work on a Nuvi. If you are having problems with all of them, then you must be doing something wrong (or you're incredibly unlucky in choosing maps that have problems).

I spent a fair effort to make my own maps look good on a Nuvi. They may not cover an area you want, but they definitely work on the Nuvi - try this as a test: https://www.gpsfiledepot.com/maps/view/785/

Are you saying that you have an SD card where your old maps work but new ones installed at the same time don't? That would be odd. How many maps total do you have on the card? Where are they installed? Newer Nuvis like yours expect the map to be installed in a folder named Map. If the card is in a computer slot or USB reader (instead of inserted in the GPS) when you install the map, then Garmin's software may not do this correctly.

Also, with Mapsource, when you install a new map, it will erase an old map on the card because it always uses the filename gmapsupp.img. MapInstall shouldn't do that. You can also manually re-name gmapsupp.img to something else, like topo.img after installing.

If you don't format the card as FAT-32, then it will not work in the GPS. How big is the card? Cards larger than 32gb will not work properly.

Also, are you sure you have the newest version of Basecamp? Because the version before that was broken an could NOT install most of the maps from this site.

Just some ideas. No idea what's wrong, but almost all the maps here should work on your GPS.

GPSr Units / Re: GPSMap62s Track List issue unresolved by Garmin Support
« on: February 06, 2020, 08:48:47 AM »
LOL, Garmin will drive you crazy.  ;D

General Discussion / Re: Why has a map of the entire US not been made?
« on: February 06, 2020, 08:46:36 AM »
Well, sorry, my memory was wrong on that point. It actually had a lot more - total of 6633 segments in Topo 2008! I had this version and an older version from around 2004? Then I have two new versions with the small segment count (about 500) that were pre-loaded on my Oregon 400t and DriveTrack 71. See this old article:


"The 2008 topo maps have a total of 6633 segments."

It's my opinion that large files aren't a problem in and of themselves. But in my case, these are unique maps you can't find anywhere else, so if somebody wants them, they have no choice. And my target is mostly smartphone app users, not Garmin owners. People using dedicated Garmin handhelds might be a little more.... old fashioned?  ;D

All I can say is that nobody has yet complained about file sizes. My maps load into Mobile Atlas Creator where users can send smaller portions to either a GPS or phone (like MapInstall).

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