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Yes, it must be in the format.... "yourmapname.img" and of course leave off the quotation marks.  It is ok to have spaces in your map name, "Your Map Name.img"

You can have multiple transparent / overlay maps display at the same time.  I ocassionally will have a custom vector topo map and a custom vector trail map overlayed at the same time with City Navigator.  It is in a very rural area with few roads being displayed in CN, this would not be a good practice in a populated area since the map would be so cluttered it would be hard to tell much about it.

edit 6-7-13:  It appears as though the Garmin 530 HCx does not allow you to rename the map files transferred to it.  See the post 2 below by Indrid Cold for clairification.
There's no problem using multiple custom .typ files for different mapsets.  You assign a FID number to your custom .typ file when you create it and this FID number must be identical to the FID number you use in MapSetToolKit.  The FID numbers being the same is what associates the custom .typ file with the compiled finished map.  Different MapSets must have different FID numbers.

You can also use 1 custom .typ file for multiple custom maps as long as you compile each of these custom maps into 1 mapset.  Your just putting different custom maps (as individual map tiles) in 1 mapset.

I have more than 30 custom ATV trail  maps plus about 8 more custom river maps, thus exceeding the number of custom Vector maps that my Oregon 450 will recognize, so for my Arkansas ATV Trail maps I create 1 Mapset called "AR ATV Trails" that has 8 different custom ATV trail maps for different riding areas... 1 Mapset, 1 custom .typ file, and 8 custom maps =  map tiles.  I have to use the same scenario for TN, KY, UT, and CO.
As far as my Nikon AW100 camera it is the only camera I grab any time I take a camera now.  It takes good pictures above and below water and even decent pictures in very low light conditions, without flash, as long as your subject is still. 

The geo-tagging feature was not something that interested me so it never affected my decision. I did try it once just to see how it worked and it does take a few moments for the satellites to be received, not something I would want to wait on everytime I would want to take a picture.  One of the pluses of this cameara is the fairly quick cycle time from power up to being able to take a picture, as long as the GPS is turned off.   If I were going to geo-tag several pictures in a day, I would probably leave it on all the time and take extra batteries and expect to replace them a lot sooner.  I did buy 2 cheap made in Japan spare batteries, online, when I first got the camera for around $29 and included another charger.  They have performed well.

My only interest was for an extreme enviroment compact camera that takes good pictures and in that respect it has exceeded my expectations.

Looks like I need to check into getting a 128 Gb SSD, too.

Re90, with the hugh range of processors designated as i5 or i7 that you referred to what should I be looking for in a specific i5 or i7 processor besides dual core or quad cord?


Boyd, Thanks for the suggestions.  Your right, I did mean i5 or i7.  The SSD drives do sound very nice, I was concerned that 256gb might not be large enough and at present the 512gb SSD is a little pricey.
Thanks for all the information, everyone.   Talked to a lot of computer sales people this weekend, learning a lot.  I don't mind learning Windows 8 if it is better, just that whatever I get I'll be using for several years, so I want be sure I get what will suit my use of a PC the best.

I've pretty well refined my spec. list to 1 Tb hard drive, min. of 6 Gb RAM probably 8 Gb, if Intel an i5 or i7 processor... 2.5 Ghz or highter, but a bargain sale price could sway my wish list.  Now just to decide on Window7 or Windows 8.

Anyone have any other criteria they would look for or change?
I bought the Nikon AW100 underwater camera a year ago.  I don't use the GPS geo-tagging feature on it.  I have been very pleased with the camera and have taken around 2,000 pics. with it; of which about 600 have been underwater... John Pennekamp Nat'l Marine Sanctuary, FL and St. Martin.  For a robust, waterproof, dropproof, coldproof (14 deg. F) it does a good job.  For a Professional photographer they might find fault with some of the pics. in certain conditions, but for $224 for a factory refurbished (B&H Photo in NY), (90 day Nikon warranty) it is hard to beat this camera for someone wanting a compact for extreme conditions.  The display is 3" and a lot more resolution than the most other cameras in this category.

A lot of snapshot underwater cameras have a fatal problem with water intrusion around the battery & memory card door, due to accidentally opening.  Nikon has done a good job with a fairly fail proof way of locking the battery door, 2 operations required to open the door.
Many thanks everyone for the help! 

It appears I may be in a catch 22 situation due to some very old 32 bit programs I still occassionaly use.  Please let me know if my thinking is wrong:  to run these older 32 bit programs I'd need Windows 7 Pro 32 bit and would not be utilizing much RAM... more than 3 Gb.  Go to Window 7 Pro 64 bit or Window 8 and can't run my older 32 bit programs.

My thinking right now is go get away from my old tower PC and go with a 17" screen laptop, even for home use, that would be fairly fast.

If anyone has seen a good buy on what I may be interested please post links.  My search and being educated about the OS continues.

I've been using a 12 year old computer with Windows XP and due to the 1 Gb of RAM (max. amount installable), it is time for a new computer.  I'm not up to date on the newer OS, Windows 7 (which version) or Windows 8, and would like to see what some of you would get if you were in the market for a new PC. 

I value the opinoins of you guys on here and want to be able to continue to use and share maps with others here without complicating my map making or installations.

Glad you got it working correctly.
There are several things you need to check. 

Make sure you used the same symbol code in GPSMapEdit for your new POIs as you did for your 1st 3; some of the same symbols in GPS MapEdit have different codes and behave differently.

Did you place the new POIs in the same level in GPSMapEdit as the 1st 3 POIs?  Since it sounds like you are working with a relatively small map that won't be very cluttered with a lot of POIs, topo lines, roads, etc. I would suggest making the POIs appear at all possible zoom levels (put them in all levels in GPSMapEdit), except for the last level, of course.

It sounds like you correctly created a new .img file in GPSMapEdit since you can view them in Basecamp.  Are you also using the newly created .TDB file, .img file and .reg file created in MapSetToolKit and the path pointing to them is correct?

Some Nuvi models won't display POIs on custom vector maps until you are zoomed in to around the 200 ft. zoom level, and even then not all POIs will appear at the same zoom level on the Nuvi GPSes.

Let us know what the problem was if any of this helps, or if it doesn't, will try to offer other suggestions.

Site Support / Re: Wisconsin snowmobile trail map
February 21, 2013, 09:17:10 AM
Don't know what to tell you.  Are you opening the "Forum" page first and then going to the "Free Maps" link at the top of the Forum page?  I'm able to get to their download page using the link in my post.
Screenshot (.jpg) of the page.
Site Support / Re: Wisconsin snowmobile trail map
February 21, 2013, 08:42:37 AM
Here, and over on the right side are the actual downloads for the maps.  Even though the mentioned above link references Garmin the actual map download appears to be for Magellan.  If you go and click the Garmin link on the left of the page it takes you to the Garmin US Sled Map download.
Site Support / Re: Wisconsin snowmobile trail map
February 21, 2013, 08:26:08 AM
The link for the Free Maps on still works if you first go to the Forum link and then go to the Free Maps link; then the download is available for the maps.  Unfortunately, it appears the Free Maps link now is charging for all of the maps.

As I've mentioned before, I have no problem with anyone charging for their maps when they've done all the data collecting and compiling and have the expense of advertising.  In the case of they specifically ask, on their home page in 2 locations, for riders to send their tracks to them so they can include them on their own maps (obviously they want them for free) and  now they are charging for the map.  On their Wisconsin Snowmobile Maps page they state, "The snowmobile trails included were recorded by individual snowmobilers, and then edited and compiled by us." 

When Oz originally posted the link on Aug. 17, 2008, the Wisconsin Snowmobile map was free.  It was not until Dec. 1, 2011 that it appears that they started charging for their maps.

GPSFileDepot is a GREAT site to help others and freely share maps.  How would it be if we all started charging for our maps?  Personally, I think it would loose most of it's interest.  This is why I'm so opinionated about keeping maps and map links off of this website that are not free, and we all know what opinions are worth, HaHa.  Let's keep sharing and helping others with similar interest.
Site Support / Re: Wisconsin snowmobile trail map
February 21, 2013, 07:18:24 AM
Quote from: Boyd on February 21, 2013, 05:49:37 AM
Might be a good idea for Oz to change or remove the listing for that map...

I would agree, not only for this map but for any maps that aren't free.  I have no problem with someone wanting to charge for their maps,  but do their advertising on their own site; unless Oz is getting paid to sponsor their link on here.

I have 16 maps on here that I've made for my own personal use and gladly share them, freely, with anyone else they may help.