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I prefer using Mapsource over Basecamp for viewing my custom vector maps and track additions and modifications.  I am using Windows 7 Professional , 64 bit.   All of my comments will pertain to custom vector maps, not custom raster maps.  I use both Mapsources v6.13.7 and v6.16.3.  Each seems to do some things slightly better/different/faster than the other. 

My question is concerning the display of parts of my custom maps: 

1.  When using Mapsource v6.13.7 some of my custom made symbols, using a custom .typ file,  do not appear in Mapsource and just appear on the screen as a blank area the size of the symbol, ex. 16 x 20 pixel area, but these same custom made symbols appear properly in Mapsource v6.16.3, using the same custom .typ file.  Everything else works as it should with Mapsource v6.13.7.

2.  Another problem I experience when using Mapsource v6.16.3, still using the same .typ file, is that after I make a change to a custom map such as changing the color of a trail by assigning it a different "type" of polyline the change will appear correct and changed in all zoom levels in Mapsource v6.13.7, but in Mapsource v6.16.3 the change in the trail designation/color does not appear as changed until I zoom in below the zoom level of 0.2 miles, then the trail displays on the pc screen as being changed.  Map Detail Setting is set to "Highest".

Note:  My trail maps generally do not cover a huge number of square miles like a normal topo map would so I make my trails to appear at all zoom levels making the map much easier to find on the gps 's screen, when you are not in that locale.

All of what I am referring to only has to do with the display on the pc screen, everything appears properly on the gps when the maps are transferred to the gps regardless of which Mapsource program I use for the transfer.

I'm wondering if there is something I can correct to prevent the 2 issues in each version of Mapsource or is this just a common problem with Mapsource and just have to live with it since Mapsource and custom vector maps are not supported by Garmin? 

Thanks for any suggestions I might try.
I've been using a 12 year old computer with Windows XP and due to the 1 Gb of RAM (max. amount installable), it is time for a new computer.  I'm not up to date on the newer OS, Windows 7 (which version) or Windows 8, and would like to see what some of you would get if you were in the market for a new PC. 

I value the opinoins of you guys on here and want to be able to continue to use and share maps with others here without complicating my map making or installations.

I've done some seaching and am not finding what I'm looking for.  Using the free versions of GPSMapEdit, cgpsmapper, and MapsetToolkit, with Oregon 450. 

I'm wanting to add additional information for some points (POIs) on some custom vector maps that will appear when you put your GPS pointer on the POI and open the POI button. Can this be done, for instance, like when you highlight a POI on your GPS in City Navigator and open the poi button and you get additional information about that poi?

Right now I only get the generic info.: Elevation, Distance, and Location information when I highlight the poi and open the poi button.  I'm wanting to add things such as phone number, hours of operation, address, etc. and have them appear on the GPS when the button for that POI is opened.

I know this is going backwards with technology, but I'lll post it since a lot of users still use the Garmin 60CS/x, 76CS/x, and older models of the Etrex GPSs and it might be helpful for someone.

I load quite a lot of my custom maps and other's custom maps on to friends GPSs and recently I had a problem getting my North Cumberland Trails map to load properly on a Etrex Legend HCx  and also on my 60CSx.  The custom .typ file was being recognized in Mapsource, Basecamp, and on my Oregon 450 but no typ file was being seen on the older GPSes where all maps have to be loaded at once to the gmapsupp.img file and can't be renamed.  The map was there on the GPS just not colored per the typ file.

I was loading 17 different Mapsets to a 2Gb card.  Total maps was around 848 and about 1.73Mbs, so well within the limits of the GPS.  The maps included Metroguide, US Inland Lakes, US Topo, RWS Caribbean v2.5 plus 13 more custom maps and all maps appeared properly except the one... North Cumberland Trails.  To make a long story short and skip all of the changes I made to the properties of the North Cumberalnd Trails map, 13 custom .typ files was the maximum number these older GPSes would recognize  whether it was due to a number limit or size/memory capacity for "drawing" being reached I never fully determined, since I got the .typ file to be recognized by reducing the number of custom .typ files/mapsets being used.  It was very repeatable (100%) with the Mapsets I was loading.

The official Garmin maps did not affect the .typ file count number.  The RWS Caribbean v2.5 mapset utilizes 3 typ files - for different map levels.  All other custom maps each had 1 custom .typ file.

If anyone else has experienced the same problem using a lot of custom .typ files on older GPSes and can add more information to this, I'd be curious to see what you determined.
I uploaded another Garmin Custom Map (Wilderness Trail OHV-Road Park) to GPSFileDepot that contains 2 tiles and the trails on the 2 tiles overlap some.  The map appears correctly on my Oregon 450 when I downloaded it to make sure I had a good upload.    But, when I open it in Basecamp V3.2.2 none of the trails appear in 1 of the tiles in the area where the 2 tiles overlap.  Is there a way to redo the map so all of the trails that are located in the overalpping area of the 2 tiles will display in Basecamp.  I tried making the draw order of 1 tile (1) and draw order of the other tile (0) and that didn't help so I changed the draw order of both tiles back to (0)

I'm not very familiar with Basecamp and frankly don't care for the way it is structured, but that is another story.  I'm an old user of Mapsource and much prefer the way it is structured.

I feel sure that the overlap problem is most likely due to the tiles not being transparent, with 1 being on top of the other.  I have uploaded other Garmin Custom Maps to GPSFileDepot that have multiple tiles and even though Basecamp says there is an error with the map it still displays the trails in the overlapping tiles area correctly.

Thank You for any suggestions.
In GPSMapEdit in the:  File > Map Properties > Header > Coding Schema: you have a few options.  My questions are:
1. What is the difference in American (7-bit) and European (single-byte).  
2. Will one compile any faster than the other.  
3. Is it better to use one instead of the other for small custom vector maps.

The first maps I made a few years ago I just always left the Coding Schema at it's default of European (single-byte).  I have always put 4 or 5 very small river maps (each river a seperate map tile) into a single MapSet to keep from having so many different MapSets to enable or disable.  For no real reason, about a year ago I put a couple of the maps in the MapSet as American and a couple as European and it loaded 2 seperate but identical MapSets onto the GPS using Mapsource (Mapsource only had the 1 MapSet), so... I do know that all map tiles within a single MapSet need to be of the same Coding Schema, but have no idea what is actually changed from 1 to the other.  

For about the past year I have been using American (7-bit) for all of my maps.  Somewhere along the way MapSetToolKit has started taking 5-7 minutes to compile as compared to the same version only taking ~ 30 seconds a couple of years ago,  Wondered if the Coding Schema used in GPSMapEdit could affect MapSetToolKit?

I have been trying to upload a Custom Garmin raster map .kmz file that has 8 individual map tiles in the single .kmz file and keep getting an error message.  I thought GPS File Depot was accepting kmz file uplaods now.   Can my .kmz file to be uploaded only contain 1 map tile?  Thanks for any help.