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Map Making Support / Re: GPSMapEdit Levels
November 14, 2009, 12:45:37 PM
You can't set it to empty, you just don't put anything (point/waypoint or polyline/track) in the last level regardless of how many levels you create.  If the last level has anything in it the map won't work properly.
Map Making Support / Re: GPSMapEdit Levels
November 14, 2009, 10:20:39 AM
I prefer to have my trails visible in all zoom levels, this makes them a lot easier to find if you are wanting to see them and are several miles or hundreds of miles away from them.  Otherwise they can be hard to locate on the GPS screen.  I use Levels 0 thru 4 and of course level 4 is empty.  All trails are put in levels 0 thru 3.  When  you click the "Insert Before" button you always need to be highlighting the last level in the column and obviously this changes everytime you add another level.
If you are using MapSetToolKit did you check the box for Blank Overview Map?  I have seen 2 polylines for the same track at certain zoom levels if this box is not checked.  This may not be your problem but I thought I'd mention it as a possiblilty.

Also, you may try zooming into 20ft on one of the points using GPSMapEdit to be sure you don't accidentially have 2 points for the same location (one on top of the other).  Have seen that happen, too.
Thanks for the replies / help everyone.

If the .kmz file could be downloaded, that would be best because then it is just a simple copy and paste into the :Garmin/Custom Maps folder on the GPS or memory card... about as easy as it could be to get a custom map.
I have been trying to upload a Custom Garmin raster map .kmz file that has 8 individual map tiles in the single .kmz file and keep getting an error message.  I thought GPS File Depot was accepting kmz file uplaods now.   Can my .kmz file to be uploaded only contain 1 map tile?  Thanks for any help.