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Seldom, this post reads to my lay brain like an astrophysicist talking to paleontologist in the presence of a geologist and biometrics engineer!

Good luck with your quest!

You will be smitten, Mr. Frankcamp!  Just a friendly warning that the folks on this site will help dig you deeper into the abyss of the best maps on the planet......
Several people at deer camp have topo maps on their GPSr's.  I was the only one who had one of yours.  Absolutely the very best!  Thanks to everyone who make these maps available!

General Discussion / Re: Good manners
September 29, 2011, 03:19:22 AM
Love the humor here.  Oh, and the maps are pretty good as well.  The map makers work diligently to give us the best.  Thanks as well.
Wow!  Thanks for your work and your efforts on all our behalves.
I have a Venture HC.   Don't know if there is a real difference between yours and mine except for the color feature, but Mackinaw Island area (from the Michigan Topo here) will fit nicely on mine.

Sidebar:  We're heading up there in 15 days and the waiting is killing us!!!
Be patient, Grasshopper and all your questions will be satisfactorily answered.  The mighty ones who freely give their wisdom here will be back shortly.  They are on a coffee break at the moment..... :)
Quote from: shec6135 on March 29, 2011, 06:00:22 PM
eaparks, not to hijack this man's thread but i also have the 60csx and was wondering about this 2nd question as well...

i downloaded NE topo part 3, but only uploaded ohio to my 60csx before making tracks and setting waypoints. are you saying that if i re sent ohio, pennsylvania, and west virginia that i would delete my current tracks and waypoints? -shaun

I don't think the tracks and waypoints are deleted when you add a new mapset.  When I put in a new map series, my waypoints and tracks are still there.  Just viewed with a different map.

GPSr Units / Re: 60CSx - Track Log Questions
March 29, 2011, 08:30:04 PM
Quote from: Rob24189 on March 29, 2011, 05:53:37 PM
I think I'm close but would like to confirm and I have questions (if this is too many questions I'll understand).

To set up tracking I do the following:

Main menu, choose Tracks.

In the track log window:
Select ON or OFF
Q: Is this how I START and STOP tracking?

This turns the tracking feature ON.  If you select OFF, no tracks will be recorded.

Choose SETUP from the tracks page.

Q: this is so if the internal memory fills it will start to over write the oldest track? If I don't check "Wrap" what happens when the memory full? The unit stops tracking?

Don't know about what happens when the card gets filled, but just check mark the Wrap When Full box.  Trust me.

Then choose Method, Interval, Color & Data Card Setup
Q: What exactly am I setting up on the Data Card? To duplicate the track that's on the internal memory?

There is no practical internal memory (so to speak) on the 60csx.  Most important is under the Data Card Setup, you select to write to the Data Card.  You will always have a record of your tracks.  It starts a new "recording session" each day.  Pretty handly feature and takes up like no space on your card (really.  Not that much.)

At this point the unit is ready to start tracking (right?). I hit MENU twice then page to the TRIP COMPUTER page. I can now hit menu, choose RESET, choose what I want to reset. Now all fields are set to zero and the STOPPED time starts to count.

If those are the fields you wish to use in the Trip Computer page.  I have different ones based on what I'm doing (hunting or just driving around each day.)

When I choose to end TRACKING I go back to MAIN MENU select TRACKS and SAVE.

You don't need to save the track.  It is on your card.  If you SAVE it, you lose some important information that you might want to look at later.  The track you made will be on your map until you clear the Track Log from the Tracks page.  After a few days, mine gets kinda crowded, so I clear it.  However, I still have it recording to my Data Card.  So, later on, if I really want to see how far we drove to do that job for the 5-Hour Energy Drink company in Farmington Hills, MI, I have that info.  So, log to your Data Card, clear the track log when you feel "overwhelmed" by all those lines in your map.

It also depends on what you are using your unit for.  My info fits my style and might not be the same as yours.

Q: After I've saved the TRACK, and go to the TRIP COMPUTER page all the fields (Moving Time, Stopped Time) are still active. Should I be turning Tracking off or something?

No.  If you want that page of info cleared, hit menu from that page.  In fact, hitting menu ONCE from most pages gives you a bunch of options for that page.

Hope this helps somewhat.  I have a 60csx and love it.  Use it every day since the day I bought it.

If you do an internet search for 60csx tips and tricks, you find that site I found with all sorts of goodies on it.  It might even be linked here on this great site.

Enjoy your 60csx!


General Discussion / Re: Slow learner questions
March 27, 2011, 09:06:01 PM
Strap yourself in and please remain seated during the entire ride cause you're about to have the most thrilling time of your life with that 60csx!  :)
GPSr Units / Re: gpsmap60csx accessaries
February 09, 2011, 04:19:23 PM
Do you mean ca as is California?  OR Canada?  I can't BELIEVE a map here not showing you what you need for hunting.  I use my 60csx for hunting as well....even when there are no seasons opened!

Good luck and have fun!


edit: Stuck in the word believe so what I said doesn't sound like I belong in the loony farm  (not that there's anything wrong with that......)
GPSr Units / Re: new to this forum and gps's
February 09, 2011, 04:16:26 PM
MY overall view of the 60CSx is that it is freaking awesome!  I use it everyday for no reason other than I am breathing.  It has never failed me in any way.

The maps here are great.  Wonderful, knowledgeable people have made them available to us for free.

I learned a great deal here.  I only wish I knew more to share more.

Have fun with your 60CSx!

General Discussion / Re: new here from ohio!
February 06, 2011, 07:27:03 AM
Shaun, you'll never catch me.  I hold the record for stupid questions.   :)

Great place here and the folks here are the best on the Internet.
GPSr Units / Re: gpsmap60csx accessaries
February 06, 2011, 07:24:30 AM has several options for ya also.  I've always been pleased with their products.  You just can't have too many Micro cards   :)

Enjoy your GPSr!
GPSr Units / Re: Maps on Garmin eTrex Vista H
January 18, 2011, 08:27:13 PM
I have an eTrex also (as a backup now, but it was my main GPSr for a long time.)

Using the Michigan Topo map from this great site and map tool in MapSource, I grabbed the map tiles from lower Michigan to the Mackinaw bridge along the route I was going to drive AND then added the tiles that lead across the Big Mac all the way to the Porkies.  I was under the 24MB limit.  Unit worked great!  The eTrex is limited, yes.  But, I have lots of happy trails with it nonetheless.

Hope this helps you enjoy your eTrex!