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My efforts as well, Bullshooter.  Just ask my family.   :)

Keep us posted.  Good people here freely helping all.

Thanks for all your reports!  I love reading success stories!

Like Indrid Cold suggested.....might want to double check your settings ( I think it's Interface or something like that from the Setup page.)

When you are connected via a cable, what does your unit display at the top?  Do you see that cute little two-pronged plug icon?  On my 60csx, it's the first icon at the top, left end.
Do you have another SD card to try out?

I seldom put my device (same as yours) into Mass Storage to transfer stuff.  I hook it to a working USB cord and hit the power button.  When it comes on, I open Map Source (sometimes I open Map Source first.....I don't think it matters) then select receive from device.  Can you receive from device?

Might try changing USB cords and locations.

Good luck and keep us posted!


AKA newbie....sorta
In your map setup page, did you select your newly downloaded map to "show?"

GPSr Units / Re: New to forum, new GPS
November 24, 2010, 08:27:07 AM
I have a 60csx and love it.  I know there are better more advanced models available, but I couldn't pass on the deal from Cabelas last year.  I believe you will enjoy many hours, days, weeks, months with your new device (I put a couple of 9mm in my old Magellan.  Worked just as well afterwards.   :)

Boyd has given you the best information on the 60csx's benefits and limitations.  Along with Boyd, the people on this forum are absolutely fantastic at helping you get the most out of your device no matter what it is.  Their maps are dead on and the support here is excellent.


GPSr Units / Field report on my 60CSX
November 20, 2010, 08:11:41 PM
Just like you have stated several times on this forum, this unit performs and performs well.  I used it in the thick forests of mid Michigan during hunting season and it never failed to do whatever I asked it to do.  My tracks were dead on each day.  It never lost a signal.  The batteries lasted for a week (longest I was there) and it was user friendly and simple to use.  Coupled with your fantastic Michigan Topo map, it was dead on in elevations, trails, streams, and roads.

To those who do the work here, thank you!

Quote from: maps4gps on November 08, 2010, 06:22:37 PM
With an attitude like that, we might leave you to your own devices next time.  ::):D ;) ;D

Now THAT is freaking hilarious!  ;D  I'll do my best to befriend my devices......just in case.
I just checked the thumb drive that was hiding on my desk.  Sure enough, there's a map file on it!  That must have been the time I saw other drives.

That was close, folks.  For a minute or two there, I thought, for the first time in my life, I was wrong about something   ::)

Yes, Boyd, it must have been a dream from another land and time far, far away.  But, I thought for sure.....

And yes, I do have several different map sets and I do copy them from the device to my drive and then rename them.  I reckon I don't need the whole country on my card if I'm only going to be in a few states.....for the rest of my life!!!   ???

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.  I appreciate it a whole bunch.

Mike, who occasionally dreams too much.

When sending the map file to my 60csx, do I always have to send it to my micro card (either in the device or from a reader?)  I thought once I saw I could put it anywhere on my system (the pull down window offered all my hard drives.)

Did I dream this?

I'm sure someone knowledgeable will post an answer quickly.  In the meantime, whenever I have issues with my 60csx, I change my socks.  :) :) :) That seems to help.

Just being silly.....But, if I must be serious, then I have tried restarting the whole process (shut down MS, disconnect the device, then hook up device again, open MS again.)  This, also, has helped.

Yeah, it was reading that post that generated my question.

I only have Michigan and Ohio with the topo 100k and of course, your wonderful, more accurate than an atomic clock, Mi and OH maps.

But, for City Navigator, I would only make a file for the states I usually travel in Mi and ohio and Indiana for example?  I run the 60 off the 12 volt power supply in the truck all the time.  The search and refresh rates are awesome.  But, when out in the woods tagging whitetails, it will be on batteries.  If I had a full card on the device, I would think it would act a little slower having to read the whole card.

I'll make me some different cards and check them out this week as I am heading for the woods in a few hours.

I appreciate deeply all the efforts that the folks here offer to us.  You all have made life a whole lot more enjoyable for me.

So, I got to thinking, do I really need all the 50 states loaded on my SD card when using my 60csx?  I really just hang in Michigan and Ohio for most of my daily existence.  I mean, I really don't think I'll be hunting elk in Montana or Grizzly bear in Alaska within the next two lifetimes.  Do you think that having less data to read, the 60csx will refresh faster?

When you're up all night, ya think of these things.  Don't ya?
Great advice, again, Boyd.  I will pass it all on.

I appreciate your time and for sharing your knowledge.  I think personally, they should ditch the 1300 and get something else.  Stick it on ebay or something.  And I will never understand why they didn't do any type of internet search before they bought this unit.  I've told them about you folks from day one.

Anyhoo, rant over.  Thank you again for your time and efforts.