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Well, I think all is working ok now.  I understand the name listed in MS and understand the name of the maps from the author.  Thanks for clearing that up.

No power failures since the first time.  Maybe the device was "testing" me.....and I passed.  :)

Thanks once again for all your replies as each one helped me out.

So, my Mapsource help tells me I can give the map set a more meaningful name by clicking Map Set Name and unchecking Autoname?  This is what I am trying to do when the unit loses connectivity even though it's still hooked up.

Is that any clearer?

Hey, that is just super!  Thanks for the quick responses and the excellent help!  You folks rock!

Happer GPSer, Mike

EDIT:  I have selected three little maps (3.5MB) from the MI TOPO map which I have viewed many times and when trying to transfer them to the unit, Map Source is saying it cannot communicate to my device after 20% even tho the device says it's transferring data.  I remamned the maps to Softball.  Should I have left them with the auto name?

Any suggestions?

EDIT the EDIT:  Ok, I kept the auto name of the maps and I see them in my unit and on my screen.  Is is not possible to rename those maps to a name of my choosing in Mapsource?

Thanks again

I have a Venture HC and love it.  Now, if I were load a custom map to my device, does that overwrite the basemap?  Or do I have that 24MB of storage separate from the basemap space?  If the basemap of my device gets overwritten, where do I go to get it back with I am done bushwhacking the forests and swamps of Michigan?

Thanks muchly