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I finally got a map to work fairly well on my Nuvi while driving around.  I had to make the map Transparent=S to see the roads around the polygons I added.  Is there a way to make the polygons transparent so the roads show through?  What will they look like after this conversion?

The light blue trail is the tracks that show on top of the transparent map I made.  Can't figure out why the roads don't show through.  The big gray polygon that says Newell lake has a blue lake under it but it doesn't show on the GPSr screen.  It does show up in GPSMapEdit.

One frustrating part about this project is the maps look NOTHING like what you work with on the GPSMapEdit screen.  Many of the land types didn't show up at all on the GPSr and the number crunching sessions continued. 

Again.  Thanks to all who pointed me in the right direction.

I feel like I just programmed and machined my first part in the CNC.  There's so many different ways to skin the CNC cat and the GPS MapCat seems to have just as many options. 

For the dictionary, do you just copy and paste the info into extras on the Map properties page of GPSMapedit?

Or, do you paste it using notepad++?   If so where?

I'm guessing either way would work. Just need more info to figure where to put it using notepad++

I found a polish dictionary file here on the depot. Downloaded & unzipped it. 

The last BIG question.  How do you change the colors after importing into mapedit?  I know there's a way to specify what color it is day or night.  Just haven't found it yet.


I used MapSetToolkit and the screen shot in the tutorial looks like an older version than what I downloaded.  It has options like:

pull down for transparent

an option for (download to Mapsource)

It looks like you can uninstall maps that are already loaded in mapsource as well.

I got a map loaded to my GPSr and in the map I had some different land uses that I tried to color differently during the import in Mapedit.  I used the zoom level settings from the blm that oz zipped.  You can't see all the different colors when viewing on the GPSr as you can in GPSMapedit.

National forest shows up when zoomed to 1.2mi and closer and turns into little trees. 

My blue for school sections and lakes didn't turn blue until I turned the marine colors off on the GPSr.  Before I turned it off, these

The BLM land doesn't show up.  I tried to paint it gray by labeling it during import  0x0002 small urban area[<200k].  I'm guessing the way I colored it has something to do with it.

The state game production areas I labeled 0x0006 parking garage trying to paint it light brown.  It only shows up on the GPSr when zoomed in to .5mi or closer.

The walk in areas I labeled 0x0018 golf course and it only shows up when zoomed 1.2mi or closer.

While my map isn't perfect, I'm happy to see some progress in the right direction.  I would like to know how to paint different colors on the map and understand why they only work at certain zoom levels.  Is there an easy way to edit these colors/labels without going back to the polish file and waiting for cgpsmapper to crunch the #s into a img file?

Thanks for all your help.  This gps map stuff is a little addictive. :o

Thanks Oz
I got this to create an img file by adding levels and messing with the level settings.  After downloading and looking at your polish file I see you did the same.  My effort was just semi-random chance.

When I try and open the img file in MapSource, it says it's not a valid MapSource file. 

How do I load this to my GPSr?

Yep I'm in SDak ;D

The info I downloaded is from here
the BLM info is one of the one's I've used.
Looks like I don't have the settings right when I import the data.
The page the info came from says UTM Zone 14.  I'm guessing I need to try pulling down 14 on the import page. ::)

Now when I try and export I get this error. 

Error E024: Top layer detail level too high to cover entire map - decrease detail level of the less detail layer (use higher Level#).

I know these may be stupid questions, but I firmly believe:
Ignorance has a cure and stupid does not.
Here's the same error with BLM lands

C:\Documents and Settings\James\Desktop\GPS\SD data\-Data-walkins\ : Error E017: Cannot parse coordinates.

Here's line 30


30 is the first line that anything appears

On the walkin map line 2743 is the first place appears

On both maps, there's a ton of info below the line that appears in the error message that includes .   

Not sure whyI'm getting the bad info?  And so much of it.
I installed the notepad++ and here's line 2743


Not sure what I'm looking for ??? But willing to learn
Still trying to get my first map exported.  I keep getting this error

C:\Documents and Settings\James\Desktop\GPS\SD data\-Data-walkins\ : Error E017: Cannot parse coordinates.

Any ideas?
Map Making Support / GPSMapEdit evaluation period???
January 02, 2009, 05:58:40 PM
How long is the evaluation period for GPSMapEdit?
GPSr Units / Re: Can Nuvi 205W use topo & lake maps?
January 02, 2009, 03:54:17 PM
Thanks for the replies guys.
I dug around on the Garmin site and found The Marine Point Database and downloaded an installer for a different unit.  It didn't show the map as "in the box" for the Rino530.  Not sure why.  It came installed on my 530.  After installing on my computer and trying to put it back on my Rino, the software said to choose which com port the GPSr was connected by serial port to.  Serial port??? I just have a usb cable from a digital camera.  I couldn't get it to work.  It didn't use MapSource to load the map.  

The link posted is not the same map as I accidently erased.  Now when I view the background map or even the # IbycusUSA Road Map the lakes and rivers look white instead of blue.  I've even turned the marine colors on in the map setup page. >:(
GPSr Units / Can Nuvi 205W use topo & lake maps?
January 02, 2009, 10:46:07 AM
I got a Nuvi for Xmas and really like the big screen.  My other gps is a Rino530.  When looking at the Garmin site for info on my new Nuvi, it doesn't show any topo or lake maps that are compatible with the 205W.  I downloaded the AZ topo map and installed a little of it on my Rino.  When I did, a message box told me that the MapSource software ERASED the Marine point map that came with the Rino.  Not quite sure what I lost and it makes me a little wary of trying to load anything new on my Nuvi.  I'd hate to lose the "dirt simple" navigating the Nuvi has.  I'd sure like to use a topo on the Nuvi because of the great wide screen it has.  This along with being stuck to a sandbag on the dash of my Duramax makes it much easier to read while my Rino is bouncing & sliding all over my dash board  when I get off the pavement.  And, around here, there isn't a lot of pavement.
Thanks for any help ;D
Just found your site this last week.  Great stuff here!  I thought the work done on the WY land use map was excellent. 
I live in SDak and I'm curious if it would be possible to create a transparent land use map that could be used over a topo or streets map.  Something that would look like this on the GPS. Click on a # to see a zoom pdf
The data used to create this map is here I think.
I tried to download some data but couldn't make heads or tails of it.  I'd sure like to know how to generate these my self as the state land use maps are constantly changing and I hate to bother someone to update something I could learn to do my self.  The tutorials on this site are very good but I'm sure they take much more time than just building a map.  I'd guess it would be similar to me teaching someone how to draw in CAD and program my CNC to machine a part.  Seems so simple to me.  Too bad I can't just download my CNC experience into someone else's head. ;D
Thanks for this great site/forum.