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Not sure why? Haven't used NSIS yet.  I installed NSIS on 1/4/09 and Bit defender scans every night.  Here's some info from the log file:

Resolved issues:Object Name Threat Name Final Status
C:\Program Files\NSIS\Stubs\lzma_solid Trojan.Generic.1328988 Deleted
C:\Program Files\NSIS\uninst-nsis.exe Trojan.Generic.1328988 Deleted
C:\RECYCLER\S-1-5-21-357464061-516276246-1282138258-1007\Dc22.exe Trojan.Generic.1328988 Deleted
C:\System Volume Information\_restore{21D7D692-4662-421F-93B0-877BC3820711}\RP2237\A0108544.exe Trojan.Generic.1328988 Deleted
C:\System Volume Information\_restore{21D7D692-4662-421F-93B0-877BC3820711}\RP2237\A0108545.exe Trojan.Generic.1328988 Deleted

After figuring out how to create a map that works on land, with you guys helping of course ;D thanks.

I'm thinking about building an accurate contour map of the reservoir that I fish.  It would be easier if I could just buy one that actually had good info built in.  After looking at the preview from "Inland US Lake Map" for the lake I fish on Garmin's site, I'm convinced that they directly copied the depth contours that the State published as a PDF file.  Using that map in paper format, I've run aground in an area that was marked at 15' deep on the map.  At least I didn't trash my lower unit.  The deepest part on the map was confirmed on my depth finder and matched what the map said.

The water level of this reservoir has varied around 25' in the last few years.  Looking on google earth the satellite pictures at different zoom levels show the lake at very different depths.  Some of the images during low water show some great structure for fishing when the water is up.

Can I get accurate satellite images from different dates/water levels and just trace the shoreline to produce an extremely accurate contour map?  This would be too easy!

If so, Is satellite imagery "freedom of information" stuff that can be obtained for free If you only know where to look for it? Or, is it only available from terraserver for big $$$$for EACH download?


Still trying to get my first map exported.  I keep getting this error

C:\Documents and Settings\James\Desktop\GPS\SD data\-Data-walkins\ : Error E017: Cannot parse coordinates.

Any ideas?
Map Making Support / GPSMapEdit evaluation period???
January 02, 2009, 05:58:40 PM
How long is the evaluation period for GPSMapEdit?
GPSr Units / Can Nuvi 205W use topo & lake maps?
January 02, 2009, 10:46:07 AM
I got a Nuvi for Xmas and really like the big screen.  My other gps is a Rino530.  When looking at the Garmin site for info on my new Nuvi, it doesn't show any topo or lake maps that are compatible with the 205W.  I downloaded the AZ topo map and installed a little of it on my Rino.  When I did, a message box told me that the MapSource software ERASED the Marine point map that came with the Rino.  Not quite sure what I lost and it makes me a little wary of trying to load anything new on my Nuvi.  I'd hate to lose the "dirt simple" navigating the Nuvi has.  I'd sure like to use a topo on the Nuvi because of the great wide screen it has.  This along with being stuck to a sandbag on the dash of my Duramax makes it much easier to read while my Rino is bouncing & sliding all over my dash board  when I get off the pavement.  And, around here, there isn't a lot of pavement.
Thanks for any help ;D
Just found your site this last week.  Great stuff here!  I thought the work done on the WY land use map was excellent. 
I live in SDak and I'm curious if it would be possible to create a transparent land use map that could be used over a topo or streets map.  Something that would look like this on the GPS. Click on a # to see a zoom pdf
The data used to create this map is here I think.
I tried to download some data but couldn't make heads or tails of it.  I'd sure like to know how to generate these my self as the state land use maps are constantly changing and I hate to bother someone to update something I could learn to do my self.  The tutorials on this site are very good but I'm sure they take much more time than just building a map.  I'd guess it would be similar to me teaching someone how to draw in CAD and program my CNC to machine a part.  Seems so simple to me.  Too bad I can't just download my CNC experience into someone else's head. ;D
Thanks for this great site/forum.