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Quote from: -Oz- on February 11, 2009, 05:50:17 PM
has anyone seen if the trip odometer says a mile when driving on the interstate between mile markers?
I had the pleasure of driving my family 4000+ miles to Disney World and back a few weeks ago.  Made me feel like Clark Griswald.  While checking mileage the trip meters would read roughly 350 on the truck odometer and around 355 on both my nuvi205W and rino530.  I never compared the mile markers to GPS.  I'd guess that my difference is due to the larger than stock tires on my truck causing error on the odometer.  The MPH showed a little under on the dash as well.
General Discussion / 3-D maps software
March 02, 2009, 07:08:01 AM
I didn't dig too much, but doesn't this software build in 3d?
I don't understand why it got fingered last night.  It's been installed on my computer for 2 weeks.  I did install the free version of Google Earth yesterday.  And looking at my browsing history from yesterday, It's pretty pedestrian.  I'd think that if something was determined to be a threat t would have happened 2 weeks ago.  Unless those hourly updates for BitDefender recently included NSIS.
Not sure why? Haven't used NSIS yet.  I installed NSIS on 1/4/09 and Bit defender scans every night.  Here's some info from the log file:

Resolved issues:Object Name Threat Name Final Status
C:\Program Files\NSIS\Stubs\lzma_solid Trojan.Generic.1328988 Deleted
C:\Program Files\NSIS\uninst-nsis.exe Trojan.Generic.1328988 Deleted
C:\RECYCLER\S-1-5-21-357464061-516276246-1282138258-1007\Dc22.exe Trojan.Generic.1328988 Deleted
C:\System Volume Information\_restore{21D7D692-4662-421F-93B0-877BC3820711}\RP2237\A0108544.exe Trojan.Generic.1328988 Deleted
C:\System Volume Information\_restore{21D7D692-4662-421F-93B0-877BC3820711}\RP2237\A0108545.exe Trojan.Generic.1328988 Deleted

I was thinking about creating one of those blue error message boxes that show up in WinXP and tell them this was the message I got when I tried to use the Garmin software.

I'm sorry, but your computer will only support Microsoft software.  If this is not Microsoft software, please eject the CD and purchase a Microsoft product. :-[
Here's the reply from the mother ship.

I'm sorry, but our units will only support Garmin Mapsource maps.  If
these are Garmin maps, please let me know the name of the mapping

Not a very truthful statement.  :-\
Here's a link that allows clicking different map sources.  I don't think I can download the pics.
With this I can see at least 3 different water levels.  The only way I can figure out how to convert this to actual contour lines is by moving the cross hair around the shore and recording the lat/lon and drawing this in mapedit or something.  Sounds kind of slow. 
USAPhotoMaps allows one to draw a route over a pic.  This I could get started with. 

If you know of a better program that I could draw over pics with, let me know how to get there ;D

Thanks for the links.
I've looked at this lake at quite a few different sites and there are different pics available.  I was hoping there would be a cache of info available where one could look at many different images and compare the dates with the water level data that's available.   The water level is monitored 24/7. 

I might have to get some of my info the hard way by driving around the shore on my 4 wheeler and just saving the tracks.  I might try and geotag some photos to show the structure that's hidden when the water level is high.  If you're fishing in a featureless lake the size of a football field and the only structure is one rock the size of a baseball somewhere in the field, you'll find fish next to the rock.  The only problem is finding the rock under 15' of water.  It would be very easy to find that rock and mark it's location when the water level is 25' low and fish that exact location when the water rises.

Another thing I will need to consider is with the water level varying 30' or more because the res is built for irrigation, I may need to create different maps to compensate.  Gotta start somewhere. ;D
QuoteWhere is the lake at?
N 44 43.434'
W 103 41.871'

Back in '96 I bought a 17' walleye boat and the first time I went out on this lake, fog rolled in after dark.  It took me hours to find the boat dock with a spotlight.  Not long after I found out how easy it is to navigate in the fog on this same lake in the dark WITH a GPS 12XL.
After figuring out how to create a map that works on land, with you guys helping of course ;D thanks.

I'm thinking about building an accurate contour map of the reservoir that I fish.  It would be easier if I could just buy one that actually had good info built in.  After looking at the preview from "Inland US Lake Map" for the lake I fish on Garmin's site, I'm convinced that they directly copied the depth contours that the State published as a PDF file.  Using that map in paper format, I've run aground in an area that was marked at 15' deep on the map.  At least I didn't trash my lower unit.  The deepest part on the map was confirmed on my depth finder and matched what the map said.

The water level of this reservoir has varied around 25' in the last few years.  Looking on google earth the satellite pictures at different zoom levels show the lake at very different depths.  Some of the images during low water show some great structure for fishing when the water is up.

Can I get accurate satellite images from different dates/water levels and just trace the shoreline to produce an extremely accurate contour map?  This would be too easy!

If so, Is satellite imagery "freedom of information" stuff that can be obtained for free If you only know where to look for it? Or, is it only available from terraserver for big $$$$for EACH download?


I sent Garmin the type question.

Another interesting point, If I turn the marine colors on in the map setup page, the custom types that display as blue but shouldn't and lakes & rivers turn white.  Does this make sense?  I lost my Marine point map when downloading my first map, so the lakes and most of the roads that show up on my 530 are from the Ibycus map.  I wonder If the water colors in Ibycus map are custom types?  The city parks here show up green using the Ibycus map.
It's the older one without the card slot.  Bought it a little over a year ago.  Updated the software recently.
Great looking maps Boyd.  The only thing that threw me off was the elevations look like they're missing a few zeros. ???  Just kidding.   ;D

I tried the MapWel for creating custom typ colors and here's what I came up with.  It shows the roads through the "clear" section of the colors and kind of matches color & design of what you see on the walk-in atlas you get at the gas station.  I'm pretty happy with the map as shown on my nuvi205W.

My Rino530, however doesn't look like it supports the custom type files.  It did however display a similar looking map to the 3 pics I posted above. Here's a pic of the same location of the Nuvi in this post.

Here's the info from CGPSuser manual.  It just confuses me.
# Value between 0 and 31 indicating the priority used by the
GPS to draw the map. The highest value – the highest
priority is set.
Priority for the transparent maps is calculated by adding
always 32 to the set priority by DrawPriority value.  Default = 25.

Does this mean that a transparent map will always have a higher draw priority?
What about changing the drawpriority?  It's set to 31 in the dictionary I got through here. Any thoughts?