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From the look of the gear, I'm assuming that the data is a sort of underwater track log?  So to develop contours for the bottom of the area of interest, I'd have to paddle back and forth on a 50' grid, and then connect the points by hand in a map editing program?
Is the NMEA data stream stored? If it is, is it a format that can be easily converted, like a DEM?
Map Making Support / Re: Global Mapper Scripts
September 29, 2009, 03:07:21 AM
To use this create a Global Mapper Package File containing all the subbasins in the region of interest.  Running the script on that file permits some global settings for names and elevations.
Map Making Support / Global Mapper Scripts
September 28, 2009, 08:16:48 AM
If GM is a frequently used mapping tool by users of this site, is there a central repository for GM scripts? 

GM 10 and 11 scripting languages support an "Assign_Type" command that lets you translate object types between datasets.  For example, I wrote a script that automatically assigns NHD types of waterbodies and waterways to "perennial" or "intermittent" waterbody and waterway categories in GM.  I'd be happy to share if anyone could use it.
I've made a few routable trail maps of Zion, Bryce, and Capitol Reef that I'd like to share, but I have a couple of questions:
1) How do you avoid conflicts with the 8 digit .img file name?  I couldn't find any rules.  Since I've only been mapping for myself up to now, it hasn't been a problem.
2) Do my maps have to come with an installer, or installers?  The set I just described has 6 .img files, and I'd currently use it as a single "product".
3) I've been using mkgmap as my routable compiler.  Will that be a problem for you guys?

Thanks for the response.  It explains why I haven't heard much from postings in other forums. I guess I'm better off with my homebrewed versions. I'd really like to know how my travelling speed affects whether my 60CSX beeps.

The nice thing about routable hiking maps is that they tell you how far you have to go.  Does GPSfileDepot offer any routable maps?
I've been making routable trail maps using mkgmap, the OSM compiler.  These maps route fine on trails and roads, but I can only get an audible annunciation at turns when moving at highway speeds.  When I'm walking I get no signal approaching a turn.

I'd appreciate advice from anyone who has either compiled their own routable maps, or used 24k routable maps on the trail.