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I've been trying to view using my iPad.  I try to save my password forever, but the password doesn't stay saved.  I need to login on each page.
I'm afraid I can't figure out how to get my images to link.  It worked the for the smaller version of the map, but not this one.  :-[
I keep my routable data as one map and my non-routable data (contours, hydro, etc.) as another map and ADD the routable data to the non-routable data using GPSmapedit.  I test the quality of the routable data by doing a quick batch compile of the routable MP files, because the Verify Map tool in GPSmapedit often misses TOO CLOSE NODES that cgpsmapper chokes on.

But recently, I've noticed that cgpsmapper 10.0D will compile the maps that are just routable data, but when the routable maps are ADDed to the non-routable, cgpsmapper finds a new batch of TOO CLOSE NODES.  I then go back to my original routable data, correct the nodes in the new list, and everything compiles correctly.

Although not many folks in this group are interested in routing, I'd appreciate comments from anyone (popej?) who can suggest why this might be happening.
Figured it out.  In order to get sub-basins into the cart I need to "Download" each one separately.  That way I get a choice of data type, and they show up in the shopping cart. 

Anybody have any idea how long I should expect to wait for shapefiles.  The GDB files the site offers are 9.x,   too early to load in GM.

I'm getting shape files in about an hour, if I select and try to download 1 sub-basin at a time.  Multiple sub-basins send the initial email, but don't generate product.
Map Making Support / GM 14 supports JNX files
August 31, 2012, 07:26:53 AM
Global Mapper V 14 Beta was just released, and it will convert raster graphics to JNX files.  I'd like verify  how well it works and I've set Win7 to open JNX files with BaseCamp (4.0.1).  But when I double click on the JNX, BaseCamp opens, but I can't see the raster graphic I created.  Is there any way to view this homemade JNX in BaseCamp?
I live in Utah, Mountain Daylight Time. I went for a hike in Arizona, Mountain Standard Time. My Etrex 30 knew the difference and as soon as I crossed the border the Etrex clock lost an hour. My camera was set to Mountain Standard Time, so when in AZ the camera and the Etrex should have been in sync. However:

When I got back home to Mountain Daylight time I had to adjust the time offset for the Arizona photos 1 hour ahead (to Mountain Daylight Time) to get them to position correctly on the map.

On checking the track log I recorded in AZ it was all shown as Mountain Daylight.  Anybody know what determines the time zone used for the tracklog?  UTC+offset+Daylight and Arizona's peculiarities are ignored even though local time is correctly displayed?
Boyd regularly posts these as needed so I'm hoping he can point me to his source.

I just made a KMZ with GM of an area about 9 miles x 3 miles with 1 foot NAIP imagery.  This looks superb in Google Earth, but is a blurry mess in BaseCamp and on my Etrex30.  The KMZ is 73MB.

I've got 60 "background" files containing all the non-routable (contours, hydro, BLM, etc.) data for my Desert Southwest map.
I've got 60 "road" files containing all the routable data. 

I'd like to open each background file and "add" a road file of the same name to it, without getting carpal tunnel, preferably while I sleep.  I guess I could do this with a GM script, but  I was wondering if there was an easier way?
Saw this at the end of my compile:

Successfully imported: 4 not imported: 0
****  END   ****
62 regions to import... done
31 regions to import... done

Size optimization in progress
Biggest internal file: 21313948

Detected          : Storage GPS
Available memory  : 2 GB
Max number of maps: 99999
Final map size    : 20 MB
Maps uploaded!
37001130.img is created.
File :37001130.img is ready to use
Execution time: 438.61 s

QuoteDetected          : Storage GPS
Available memory  : 2 GB
Max number of maps: 99999
Final map size    : 20 MB
Maps uploaded!
is totally new to me.  My nuvi 1490 (2gb) was connected and then disconnected  hours ago.  Could this have something to do with the MapInstall, or Lifetime Map Updater I updated yesterday?  I'm pretty sure nothing was uploaded because nothing was connected, and the files were saved where I expected them.

Site Support / Still confused about Image Hosting
April 27, 2012, 10:45:33 AM
I'd like to clean out my Image Hosting page here, but if I do that will the images also be deleted from the threads in which they are used?
Using default DrawPriority=25, my nuvi 1490's background DEM map overroad my map.

Setting DrawPriority=30 fixed it:

The wooded area renders as dots in BaseCamp, MapSource, and on my handhelds, but my Nuvi 1490 renders about half of it correctly and the other half solid.  Anybody (Boyd?) have any suggestions for TYP files for a Nuvi?

Map Making Support / PostGreSQL tutorial
January 22, 2012, 05:40:26 PM
UPDATE area SET mp_type = '0x46' WHERE WHERE (fcode = 46000 or fcode = 46006) and areasqkm >= 15;
UPDATE area SET mp_type = '0x47' WHERE WHERE (fcode = 46000 or fcode = 46006) and areasqkm >= 10 and areasqkm < 15;
UPDATE area SET mp_type = '0x48' WHERE WHERE (fcode = 46000 or fcode = 46006) and areasqkm >= 2 and areasqkm < 10;

This query segment is lifted from the Hydrography tutorial.  Are the two "WHERE"s a typo, or do you need them when you have the "or" statement in parentheses next to an "and"?
Anybody here making routable maps besides me? 

Also posted on Map Authors forum:

I've used Global Mapper 13 to substitute some road data into an existing PFM
map. When I Verify Map in GPSmapedit after building a routing graph I'm getting
around 300 Misaligned node errors and duplicated node errors. I've been fixing
these manually in GPSmapedit, but it's time consuming (say 30 seconds per
error). The MP file is about 4.6MB, covers 1 degree, and contains 13,000
routing nodes.

Anybody know of a fix (or speedup) for this process?
Map Making Support / Data Search and Replace Question
December 16, 2011, 09:04:01 AM
I posted this at the GM group and it still hasn't had an answer, so I'm hoping somebody here may be able to help me out. 

I have 5000 roads named 30???.  I'd like to rename them all ???, which should reflect the actual signage for the roads.  If I do a search and replace in GM and put ??? in the replace string I get 5000 roads named "???", not the numbers I want to remain.  Is there a wild card format that would permit this?
Map Making Support / Vascular Surgery (on road networks)
December 13, 2011, 04:18:24 PM
I've just come across some well aligned Forest Service road data (with road numbers) that I'd like to substitute for Tiger "residential roads" in my map. 

My workflow at the moment is to download the boundary polygon for a Forest area, use GM to select all roads in my original map that are completely within the polygon, and delete them.  Then I add the roads from my new dataset.

My problem is that I have to trim and re-attach polylines all around the perimeter of the polygon when roads only lie partially within the polygon.  I also have to load imagery often to figure out which of two adjacent roads are correct.

If anyone can suggest an easier way, I'd love to hear it.
Map Making Support / FOIA Lawsuit and GDB files
December 09, 2011, 03:08:15 PM
I keep coming across GDB files that GM 13 won't open because their versions are prior to V10 and their formats are unpublished.  Anybody know of a converter? 
jbensman, it's too bad when you had all that legal help you guys weren't able to get a general opinion on use of file formats that cost $13k per seat to open.
1)MapSetToolkit only works with mkgmap compiled IMG files IF you already have a TDB file.  cgpsmapper won't compile TDB from mkgmap compiled IMG.

2)I don't know (and would rather not find out) what MSTK does with MapWel compiled maps.
Boyd, you may be interested to know that the US NFS has at least one MapWel compiled IMG file available at Dixie National Forest GIS