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Hi Seldom,

QuoteI had a similar color problem generating TYP files with cgpsmapper and sending them to my OR300 using Sendmap 2.0.
I generated my .typ file using the editor at the web link that boyd provided above, not cgpsmapper.

I am not sending the .img file to the Oregon using sendmap, I am copying the file into the Garmin folder.

The file works fine in my Map76cs but not the Oregon, so I know the .typ file is bound to the .img file and works on one of my garmins.

I will check out MapSetToolKit.
I actually may have a very old mapsource disk that came with my first gps somewhere.

QuoteAlso, it might help to read the section on TYP files in the cgpsmapper manual
thanks, did that already. Printed out on paper and read it.

I'll get back on this in the morning and see what I can come up with.

It says this on the Garmin site about mapsource

Quote◦WARNING: This software will not work unless you already own a MapSource product.

Hi Boyd and thanks
I don't have Mapsource

The only files I use to create maps cgpsmapper, mapedit and sendmap

I have tried uploading the map two ways and both are no go in the Oregon
Both methods still show white topo lines.

Using sendmap20 to create the GMAPSUPP.img in the Oregon
Copying the .img file directly into the Garmin folder on the Oregon.

Again, this same file works correctly in the Map76cs, so I know the .typ file is working.
the .typ file is part of the custom .img file, I can see that it is inside by loading the file back into sendmap
I am getting nowhere with creating a custom .typ file and having it work as expected in the Oregon 450.

I created a simple .typ file in the editor
The .typ file only defines one thin contour line 0x20 that is used in my topo map.
I made the line color red and added some text (topo) so I could tell if the lines were different in the GPS

I created a combined .img + .typ file with sendmap20.

I loaded the .img file into the Oregon and enabled it. The topo map lines are still white. >:(

I loaded the same exact .img file into my Map76cs and the topo lines are red and my text shows up next to all the topo lines.
So there is nothing wrong with the .img file.

What the heck is the problem with the Oregon?
Does it not respond to .typ files?
Excellent info, thanks so much
I've got some things to sort out now I guess.

Another thing I noticed is that my topo map had thin black lines in my Map76cs and were easy to see against the light brown background.

The lines are white in the Oregon and hard to see against the light brown background.

I re-did the topo map in cGPSmapper with a different RGN40 type and they still are white.

In Mapedit my topo map lines show up as brown contour lines and can be seen very well.
Ok, that worked
I had searched the web for a long time and did not see that info anywhere.

Ok, so Loading maps with sendmap combines all the maps and saves that as GMAPSUPP.IMG

Copying individual .img files to the Garmin folder lets you select them individually in the Oregon.

One thing I noticed is that the maps do not seem to combine on the screen into the same layer.

One of the maps I downloaded off the web lays on top of all my maps and covers them up.
I supposed that has to do with how that map was created?

All my maps merged onto the same layer in my Map76cs

Thanks so much for the info guys. (gals) :)
cool, going to try it right now
I'll be back :)
Hi thanks,
I am not sure what this means?
Quotebuild out installers for the separate layers
Hi all
I have been making my own custom maps with cGPSmapper for many years
I have 4 custom maps I update all the time and then reload them into the GPS

I have always used sendmap20 to load all 4 maps at one time into my Map76cs
10000000.img, 20000000.img, 30000000.img, 40000000.img

40000000.img is a huge topo map that I don't turn on until I need it.

In my Map76cs all four maps showed up as individual maps and I can uncheck a box to turn each one on and off.

I just got an Oregon 450 yesterday.
I loaded all 4 custom maps using the exact same method I use on the Map76cs.

The problem is that in the map setup screen, it only shows one big map, not 4 maps.
All four are always on in the Oregon.
Below you can see a screenshot of just one custom amp, even though I loaded 4 at the same time.

How do you load the maps so that they all show up as individual maps on the map setup screen?

Thanks for any help