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I have a very large Garmin map .img file (241,096 kb)
It is the GDMBR mountain bike route from Canada to New Mexico

When I try and load it into GPS Mapedit it opens a dialog box showing me all the contents of this .img container
There is about 50+ files in this container
See my screen shot

Doing several google searches, I did not find any solutions

How can I extract all these files into individual .img and TYP files?
Or extract the maps into .mp or .txt files that I can use in GPS mapedit


Map Making Support / GPSMapEdit- convert selected polyline to .gpx file?
« on: August 05, 2018, 10:19:42 AM »
I wish there was some way to select a polyline or point and export just that item to a .gpx file

I know how to select by type and export to kml
That exports  every item you have checked on the whole map, which is a bunch of stuff

Then I have to go use a kml to .gpx converter program and pick out what I need

Anyone know of a way to get GpsMapEdit to export a .gpx file for just selected items?

Hi all
I have been making my own custom maps with cGPSmapper for many years
I have 4 custom maps I update all the time and then reload them into the GPS

I have always used sendmap20 to load all 4 maps at one time into my Map76cs
10000000.img, 20000000.img, 30000000.img, 40000000.img

40000000.img is a huge topo map that I don't turn on until I need it.

In my Map76cs all four maps showed up as individual maps and I can uncheck a box to turn each one on and off.

I just got an Oregon 450 yesterday.
I loaded all 4 custom maps using the exact same method I use on the Map76cs.

The problem is that in the map setup screen, it only shows one big map, not 4 maps.
All four are always on in the Oregon.
Below you can see a screenshot of just one custom amp, even though I loaded 4 at the same time.

How do you load the maps so that they all show up as individual maps on the map setup screen?

Thanks for any help

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