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I am trying to load the Colorado topo map from this site (linked to to my Dakota 20. I basically use the procedure that is provided in the tutorial on this forum, and regardless of what map I try to load (I've tried others besides the CO topo), my device gives me an message saying "Can't Unlock Maps" when I start it up. The maps do not show up when I go to Setup->Map->Map Information/Select Map; all I see there is WW Basemap NR.

I am using a Mac; I downloaded the file, unzipped it, opened it with Map Manager, and used MapInstall to select the portions I wanted to install and send it to my Dakota. It went through an install process, and there is a gmapsupp.img on my device, but when I turn it on, I just get the error message "Can't Unlock Maps"

I've tried changing the name of gmapsupp.img to something more memorable, and I've also tried installing it on a memory card instead of the unit itself. I've also tried a couple other Colorado maps, and I can't get those to work either (same "Can't Unlock Maps" error message).

Any advice would sure be appreciated.