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Solved it with Garmin's support line about a week later.

When using a Mac, MapInstall will send over ALL maps that you have selected and installed within MapInstall (not just your active map). I also have City Navigator 2010 installed for my Nuvi. Therefore, MapInstall was sending over *all* of the City Navigator map in addition to the Colorado topo maps. The maps it couldn't unlock were the City Navigator ones, not the Colorado ones.

So, if you are using a Mac, make sure that all your other maps are deselected in MapInstall! The software support guy said that he had requested a fix for that problem with later versions, but we'll see.
No, but I tried reformatting. I also tried sending a single map segment to both the card and the internal memory. It took a loooonnng time to do that and gave me the same "Can't Unlock Maps" message.
Well, the story might not be over yet. I shelled out the $ for the Garmin 24k Southwest Topo. THAT didn't work either! I spent about an hour on the phone with Garmin CS this morning, and they couldn't figure out anything either. They thought the unit itself was likely faulty.

So, I returned the Dakota to the store I bought it from, but they didn't have a replacement in stock. Neither does any other store in town.

To be continued...
Using The Maps/Garmin Software / Re: Maps won't unlock
October 13, 2010, 11:51:38 AM
Hmmm. Ok, thanks.
As a newbie to GPS and this forum, I am not sure what FID is. But after some searching, I think you may be on to something, Boyd:
Oz-I just tried formatting the card (FAT-32) with no luck. The same "Can't Unlock Maps" appears.

It should also be noted that before undertaking any of this I updated my Dakota software to the most recent version. I also updated MapInstall and MapManager.
Using The Maps/Garmin Software / Re: Maps won't unlock
October 12, 2010, 07:35:36 AM
Did you ever have success loading the maps with your Mac? I am having the same problem.
Karunaveg, did you ever have any luck installing the CA and AZ maps on your Dakota? I am having the same problem with mine (and am using a Mac as well).
Thanks for your're right. I've run across that problem on this forum and others but haven't found a resolution. One suggestion was to remove the gmapsupp.img file completely, but that would seem to defeat the purpose of loading a new map.

Unfortunately, I do not have access to Windows on my Mac (or even another standalone Windows machine)

If nobody knows the answer to this, the next logical step would be to shell out some $ for a Garmin map and see if that unlocks, I suppose.
I am trying to load the Colorado topo map from this site (linked to to my Dakota 20. I basically use the procedure that is provided in the tutorial on this forum, and regardless of what map I try to load (I've tried others besides the CO topo), my device gives me an message saying "Can't Unlock Maps" when I start it up. The maps do not show up when I go to Setup->Map->Map Information/Select Map; all I see there is WW Basemap NR.

I am using a Mac; I downloaded the file, unzipped it, opened it with Map Manager, and used MapInstall to select the portions I wanted to install and send it to my Dakota. It went through an install process, and there is a gmapsupp.img on my device, but when I turn it on, I just get the error message "Can't Unlock Maps"

I've tried changing the name of gmapsupp.img to something more memorable, and I've also tried installing it on a memory card instead of the unit itself. I've also tried a couple other Colorado maps, and I can't get those to work either (same "Can't Unlock Maps" error message).

Any advice would sure be appreciated.