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Topics - yogazoo

Anyone know how can I edit the preview map in MapSource after installing a mapset with Mapsettoolkit? I always check "Blank Overview Maps" but then the map blanks out in MapSource when I zoom out.

Is there a way to edit any of the .img files MapSettoolkit creates in the output folder as a preview map? I noticed that NorthWest Trails always has road and stream data in the preview map in MapSource/BaseCamp but it's there only for reference (you only download the trails to your GPS).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I just spent the entire weekend working on updates for the MT Topo public lands and was trying to figure out the above question before publishing. I get alot of emails saying "I can't view your maps in MapSource" and the fix is always "Zoom in or increase the detail level." I'm trying to avoid that in the future. Thank you for any help!
Has anyone figured out the Garmin feature type codes for hidden information? How they work?

What I mean is that if you own a Garmin 24K product you can pointer over anywhere and view the Map Quad Name and Township Range and Section info when you click on the button of the feature your pointing over. I'm sure it's just a "hidden" feature type code. Has anyone figured these out and know what the rules of engagement are?

Hello Mapmakers,

I'm experiencing an issue making installer files for maps since I switched to a Windows 7 machine. The registry file that Mapsettoolkit makes for Windows 7 seems to be incompatible with XP. When I compile the installer in Windows 7 it doesn't install correctly on XP. The gipper is that when I compiled on my XP machine my maps installed perfectly on Windows 7 machines. Anyone experience this and come up with an easy solution? I bought the personal version of cGPSmapper and it's licensed to my machine only or else I'd use someones XP machine.

It's getting to the point, with Basecamp reading map files right from your GPS, that installers might become unnecessary in the near future. Boy would it be much easier to simply upload an ".img" file!!! :)