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How Do I Load Maps On My GPS Unit?

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sounds like they are just making what we already do manually easier

Yes, I think this is a big improvement. It will just take some adjustment for those who are new to these models and have a collection of maps in a format that will need tweaking.

In the tutorial step #9 for Base Camp it says all maps will be erased. Dose that mean all previously loaded maps will be erased as it says or am I missing somthing. Why would I want to do that?

What model GPS do you have? The new ones are a little different. But until recently, Garmin GPS units would only recognize one map filename - gmapsupp.img - and that is the name of the file that either Basecamp or Mapsource sends to your unit. When you send a new map, it replaces the existing gmapsupp.img file on the GPS with a new one containing the map(s) you have chosen.

It doesn't erase the maps that are installed on your computer, just the ones stored on the GPS. That's just the way it works. On older units, if you want to install more than one map, you must use the selection tool to choose sections of all the different maps you want, then send them all together. They will be bundled into a single gmapsupp.img file and sent to your GPS, replacing whatever maps were there before.

The newest models are a little more flexible, which is why I asked what you're using.

I just got a 78s.Have not loaded anything on it as yet.It sounds like if I had two or three different hunting areas(maps) on a sd card in the device,loaded a new map of a different area,all my maps would (except) the newest one would be gone. This is not at all good and dosn't even sound right.Surely you can have more than "one" map on this device.


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