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Started by QBOT, June 20, 2021, 09:45:08 AM

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I have a 60csx that has worked fine for years, I don't use it for navigation much, mostly make waypoints and tracks to document stuff in the woods.  I use mapsource (still).  Recently I have discovered that mapsource will no longer upload just one waypoint from an open gdb file.  Or more than one, highlighted in the left pane.  When I try to upload selected waypoint or waypoints, the entire list goes up to the 60csx.  Not sure when this started happening, but I believe that I used to be able to upload just the selected points.
I opened basecamp and figured out how that works a little, then tried the same process, uploading just some selected points.  The same thing happened.  Even with just a few points highlighted, the whole list exported.

Anybody else notice this, or have thoughts?  Thanks

EDIT:  I just revisited basecamp and was able to upload select points to my 60csx.  Still no go for mapsource.


Mapsource was discontinued by Garmin many years ago, I'm thinking something like 2010 maybe? So unless you haven't used it for a *really* long time, nothing has changed there. Or maybe you hadn't updated to the final version back then?

As for the rest, I also have a 60csx but haven't used it for a long time, seems to me that when I was playing around 5 or 6 years ago, I had problems with Basecamp and ended up using Mapsource. But I can't ever remember a situation where I didn't want to send a full list of waypoints.


Yes, mapsource ended 2010 I think, last version 6.16.3 which I have been using.  I don't need to send just one point very often, but it swear I have done that in the past.  Anyway, it is easy enough to create a file with just the points that I want to upload and send em all.  I figured out how to do it in Basecamp, just one or some at a time, (select/rightclick/send to).  But Basecamp sux for changing waypoint properties, if you ask me.  How did that ever happen?  And the import situation, why can't I work directly from the folders?  Whatever. 
This only came up through the process of learning some QGIS stuff.  I have been generating data through that software, and extracting coordinates for upload to the 60csx.  During tests, I discovered that I was unable to send just one point to the handheld. 
And then QGIS started misbehaving, and I was reaching for map and compass!