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New Maps for Canada, US and Mexico

Started by sockmonkey, October 08, 2020, 01:03:57 PM

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Hey sockmonkey, thanks for all your hard work on creating these maps. I posted the following question in another thread, then found this thread which is specific to what I'm challenged with. Your one reply to someone had me hopeful, but I'm still stuck.

I downloaded the CA-CentralProvTopo to my Mac. After downloading, I have the attached directory structure/content. In a prior post, you mentioned renaming CA-CentralProvTopo to gmapsupp.img and copying this file to the sd card. Where I'm stuck is there are multiple CA-CentralProvTopo entries (files and folders). So I'm not quite sure what to do.

Any help would be supper appreciated!


See my response in your other thread.


To Lost...

The renaming to gmapsupp.img that I gave to another poster was the fact that they have an older Garmin gps unit which is limited to a 4gb card AND a single mapset AND gmapsupp is the only name the unit recognizes.

After extracting the zip file you should have a folder which is called 
CA-CentralProvTopo.gmapi   from your screen shot  that has happened.  The files and folders you see are what should be there.  Anyway,  make sure basecamp is properly installed and if so close it.  Click on the gmapi folder, the highest level folder, it should trigger the mac to install the mapset.  When it is finished you should now have the central prov topo as a drop down choice in basecamp.  This should go for any map, not just mine, that are offered in the gmapi format  Let us know how is goes.



Quote from: sockmonkey on June 23, 2021, 08:23:08 AM
After extracting the zip file you should have a folder which is called 
CA-CentralProvTopo.gmapi   from your screen shot  that has happened.  The files and folders you see are what should be there.

First, it's great that you are offering all these maps for download. But I'm sorry, what you posted is not correct. I have to ask, do you actually have a Macintosh? Unfortunately, a lot of the mapmakers here don't and make some wrong assumptions as a result. What you describe would only be correct if:

1. You are using a Windows computer and not a Mac
2. If you are using a Mac but have not properly installed Basecamp/Mapmanager/MapInstall.

When you install them correctly, you will NOT see what is shown in the screenshot. After installation, it changes the way .gmap and .gmapi folders are displayed. They will NOT look like folders anymore, they will look like DOCUMENTS.I just downloaded your map on my Mac and here's what a Mac user *should* see. YOU SHOULD NOT SEE ANY FOLDERS AT ALL. There should just be an icon that you double-click to install.

As I have posted in the other thread, he needs to re-install Garmin's software. Sometimes this happens. IIRC, Garmin has a version of Basecamp at the Mac App Store, and I think that is often the problem, it may not include MapManager, not sure. Anyway, downloading and re-installing from the link I posted in the other thread should fix this problem.

Also, @LostNeedToBeFound, please don't post duplicate threads. It just creates confusion when people are trying to answer you in two different places, as you can see here. Thanks.


The new maps for Canada, US and Mexico goes beyond...  I actually started working on this before the Mt Everest and South America maps, but just recently finished working on them.
A word of "warning" of sorts, these maps are dense and may take some extra time to load, zoom etc.  This was the case when testing my devices at the highest detail, though YMMV.


I have recently updated and uploaded maps for Alaska and Hawaii.  In the case of Alaska, the previous version may have had too little data.  The current data had more features included but I still had to manually add some features.  I also had to do some additional processing on some of the state so that the maps looks right in basecamp and on gps.   

In the case of some of the maps I've made the raw data is from mid 2020 or earlier.  In the near future as time allows I intend to upload the maps of the rest of North America with recent/current data.  I would not expect big changes but changes in the data vary locally and globally so YMMV.



Thanks much for your work

Got the PC version of the US Southeast but the MAC version want download, need to load into Basecamp on Windows



Hi Z,
I appreciate your compliment. 

If I'm reading the question right there is a typo, "want" instead of  (won't) download the MAC/gmapi/gmap version of the US-SouthEastTopo.  I just downloaded, unzipped and copied the .gmap to programdata/garmin/maps and all is well on viewing in basecamp on my end.  Not sure what issue is occuring.  Post back if things still aren't working for you.


"want" or "won't" makes little difference but appreciate the notice!

Do the D/L and nothing happens, simple as that

Switched over to Tor and got it so perhaps something related to Chrome setup?


I've had trouble with Chrome and downloads, too.

Sometimes helps to right-click the link and open in a new window.


Interesting jolly47roger but that did work

Thanks and take care


I have recently uploaded updated maps for the Canadian Territories and the West, Central and East Provinces withe recent Open Street Map Data.

I recently inherited an older Garmin Nuvi from a family member who passed away.  In the past I haven't been that interested in routable maps but in tracking where I am now with the GPS.  I had to tweak style files and mkgmap options and remove the contours to make a routable map for the area I live and comparing to the City Nav which was already on the SD Card the results were not perfect but really good in the testing I did. 

In order to stay under the 2 GB limit here for uploads  I had to leave out a routable map for the Territories, for now.  The other map sets all were under 2 GB.  So I as mention in the map comment area each zip archive has two map sets, one with topo/dem and the other routable/more poi's, for the exact same area...two for the price on one.  I'm not certain yet if I will do this two map thing for the rest of North America in the next update, but will see. 

Take Care


I spoke too soon in the previous post and used bad math.  The CA-Territories Topo and routable versions together will be uploaded.


How do I install your maps? I need something for the Yukon in Canada on my garmin Montana 680t.