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MapInstall 4.2 (May 2018 update) won't install third party maps

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On May 22/23, Garmin released updates for Basecamp and MapInstall. Thereís a bug in the new software that prevents third party maps from being installed.  It wasnít intentional, they just didnít test for it.

The solution is to uninstall Basecamp 4.7 and MapInstall 4.2, then install a previous version of the apps. Both apps need to be uninstalled. If you update to BaseCamp 4.7, it breaks the older version of MapInstall.

After you install MapInstall, you need to turn off automatic updates.

BaseCamp 4.2.5 can be downloaded from Garmin here
I couldn't find a download page for 4.6.2 or an older version of MapInstall. I have version 4.0.4 and it worked for me.  Does anybody know where they can be downloaded from?


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As noted by zhrd, there is an archive of pretty much all of Garmin's software and firmware here. Anyone who owns a Garmin product should bookmark this site! :)

Thanks for sharing. got my unit yesterday and have been basically cursing up a storm and bashing my head against the wall trying to find out why i could not load maps at all for about 3 hours! then low and behold i luckily found the forums!
Thanks So much. Hoping by downloading this i can now load my maps so i can get out and learn my etrex before my big trek.

Edit. Downloaded the Beta 4.2.04 and still cant load any maps from this site.

The links in my post above should provide info on where to find old versions of Basecamp and MapInstall. But one more time....

Windows software is archived here:

Mac software is archived here:

Why were you using the beta version? The broken version is dated May 2018. Try one of the previous versions from 2016 if you are on Windows.

On the Mac, I'm not sure if the same problem exists. If so, then you will need to download both Basecamp and MapInstall/MapManager - they are separate files.


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