Anyone use old National Geographic TOPO state series with Windows 10?

Started by n2stitch, March 18, 2016, 07:29:12 PM

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Using recommended compatibility settings, Topo will open.  I can activate a state, and it will let me copy all the discs to my hard drive, but then when I zoom in to the most detail, it will either tell me to insert a particular disc, or it will pretend it zoomed but just display a white screen.  Any ideas/suggestions?

Indrid Cold

You are going to have to check the NatGeo site for customer service on their software.


They sold the software to AllTrails and neither one support it, at least I haven't found anywhere that does.  The old TOPO email addresses bounce.


Many years ago I used a program called "virtual PC" to run Windows software on my Macintosh. I still have a copy of one of the Natl Geographic State maps that I used this way. Some years after that, Microsoft bought Virtual PC and withdrew the Mac version. However Virtual PC then appeared a little later as a feature of Widows 7 that allowed you to run legacy software in a virtual machine.

I really don't know anything about Windows 10. Can it also do this? That should allow you to use the TOPO software.

If you want scanned USGS 24k maps (which is basically what TOPO was), you might look at Garmin Birdseye Topo. It consists of scans of the same maps. Costs $30 for unlimited download for a year, works in Basecamp and on all newer Garmin handhelds.


Sadly, the problem is worse.  My husband has a laptop with Win 7 (same as my old one) that he let me install it on.  Same display issues for the same states.  Some work, some don't, but of course the state that matters most (the one I live in) doesn't work.

Ticks me off to have spent so much money on discs that are now just coasters.  I can't even be bothered to look for a replacement.  Stick a fork in me, I'm done.  This whole situation ha actually just about killed my desire to mess with my maps, trails, or gps ever again. 


If you are using a Windows 7 computer, then you should be able to use the Virtual PC option I described above. Caveat is that I don't think this works with the home edition of Win 7. Instructions are here:


If this is for testing only, then use VMware Player or Virtualbox and some time limited Windows XP from Microsoft:

This should work on Windows 10 too.


I get the same thing with the zooming in and seeing a white box and I'm on Windows 10. I guess there's no way to fix this?

bernard h garcia

I run both window xp and window 7 with this Topo! with no problem is to find a GPS compatible for live application off road