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Uploading Mac Version

Started by BobT, June 22, 2014, 07:06:47 AM

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In the past I would convert my maps to Mac with an old Garmin program that gave them the .tgz extension.  I can no longer find that program but have a Garmin program that will convert to .gmapi and Ja-Wa that will convert to .gmap.  I think these are Mac compatiple but not sure since I'm not a Mac guy.  The problem is the uploader will only upload files with and extension of .tgz or .dmg.
How is everyone else doing it or what am I doing wrong?


There's a long, rambling thread on this topic - you even participated in it. My solution has been to create "universal" mapsets. See"

If you upload it as a universal installer, it can be a .zip file. So, as a practical matter, you could make both Windows and Mac versions anyway you like, put them in a folder and zip them, then you could upload them as universal versions.

As for the rest, I have both macs and pc's, so that makes things easier.  ;)


Boyd, thanks for your response.  I have attempted to convert one of my maps to Mac and have uploaded it.  Would you or another Mac user download it and let me know if it works.
Here is the link.



Installed without problem, took a quick look in Basecamp and it seemed to be fine.


Boyd, thanks for your help.