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World shaded relief map and Basecamp

Started by fritz666, November 07, 2011, 02:12:12 AM

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Hello All,

I am new to this forum, and "very" new to this whole issue of maps and GPS's.

I have a strange problem that I have searched for on this board, but as of yet not found a solution.

I downloaded the World Topo Map (The one that shows up when you search for maps for Germany, world shaded relief kmz). I tried to install it into Basecamp, and get the following error message.

Error: File Path: C:\users\.....\Local\Temp\Basecamp\tmp4E05.tmp, line 181, char:43. Message value '180.00000007199998000' must be less than or equal to maxInclusive facet value '180.0'

Needless to say that I can not install the map.

After having read a bunch of posts here, I have tried the Mytrails trick without success.
I suspect that Basecamp is reading the map with a rotation value of 180.+ and somewhere I read that Basecamp can only accept values between -180° and 180.°

I have installed Basecmp 3.2.2 on my WIN7 /64 bit machine and my Vista machine with the same results. Both operating systems are in German.

Anybody have any ideas how I might solve this problem? I would really like to start to use my GPS with maps and not just the basemap.

Thanks in advance



I can not load it into BaseCamp either.  It was never intended to be viewed that way.

You are aware that it is just a grid of colored and shaded elevation points?  It does include ocean depths which Garmin's basemap shading does not.  At 12Mb in size the grid spacing is probably less than what is used in Garmin's basemap. 


Thanks for the quick reply.

Like I said above, I am very new to this, and looking around the site, I thought it was the map to have.

Any suggestions, as to where I might find something more suitable. I am basically looking for a map (topographic ?) for Germany (or parts thereof) that will show me trails outside the cities as well, if possible, city layouts.

Sorry for the stupid questions, but Im a little lost right now.



The OpenStreetMap project is supposed to have good maps; and routable
They did not included contour lines, but that may have changed since I last checked.


Thanks alot for the info, At least I now have a starting point.



This site may be a good place to look.  The author regularly contributes to OSM forums.