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BaseCamp 3.2.2 and kmz file compatibility?

Started by shenking, November 02, 2011, 04:31:02 PM

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I downloaded the "World shaded relief kmz" file and tried to import it into BaseCamp 3.2.2 (MAC version) but get an error message:
"/Users/shenking/Downloads/277-6285-r_world.kmz" is not a valid Garmin Custom Map file and could not be opened."

I tried another kmz file and get the same error.

Have you encountered this or have a solution?  Your help is much appreciated.


World shaded relief map.kmz opens fine in Google Earth, but I also get an error when I try to import it into BaseCamp for Win7-64.  I suspect BaseCamp can't handle a full spherical projection.  I was able to import Boyd's Bryce Canyon Garmin Custom Map just fine.
Try that and see if it imports for you.


Strange. Garmin seems to keep breaking things with the Custom Maps. You might try asking in their Mac Basecamp support forum here:


Thanks Seldom.  You are right, I tried and had no problem importing Boyd's Bryce Canyon.

Boyd, thank you too and I'll try asking the Garmin's Mac forum.


As I said above, I wonder if anyone has gotten a full spherical (or oblate spherioid) map into BaseCamp.  Boyd, have you or maps4gps actually imported this map into BC?


No, I have not tried any custom maps in Basecamp recently. I remember having some problems in the past, but that was a long time ago. I also recall there was an issue with map detail not showing in Basecamp. Has that been resolved?

There is one other trick you can try. Open the map in Google Earth, then export it as a .kmz file from there. That might clean up anything odd that was in the original file. I remember the Basecamp developers mentioned that .kmz files are not as standardized as they should be between different programs.


That .kmz file was made just after Garmin finally allowed data poleward of 60 degrees to display on the GPSrs.  It was meant to display on GPSrs capable of displaying custom raster images.  I never tried it in BaseCamp. 

If I might ask; what is the reason for viewing the .kmz file in BaseCamp?

Can a .kmz file be viewed at the same time as a vector file?
What is the size limit on a .kmz file to be view in BaseCamp (it was 100 'tiles' for the OR300, 200 for some newer units, and 500 or MT)?


Although I don't do it very often myself, yes you can view a .kmz file together with a vector file in Basecamp. You can also view Birdseye at the same time as a vector map. That's an interesting question about the tile limit on the device vs Basecamp. You'd expect Basecamp to handle at least 500 tiles, since my Montana can do that.

I suggested this awhile ago when discussing the limits of transparent maps in Mapsource... you could make a .kmz basemap of some kind (roads, topo, aerial) and display a transparent vector map on top of it. Not quite the same as displaying two vector maps at the same time, but it would at least give you a background for something like MyTrails.


I encountered a similiar issue making the World vector map.  When I tried to make an overview map with data from -180 to 180 it was useless with 100's+ of lines crossing the display from edge to edge.  Cuting the data back a few miles from -180/180 worked; however, since eastern Siberia and some Pacific islands cross -180/180 I split the mapset into two parts.  When only one side was at -180 or 180 it worked as expected.