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new here from ohio!

Started by shec6135, February 05, 2011, 06:32:12 PM

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as the title states i'm new here. i was refered by a guy from another forum i belong to called archerytalk. this place is really neat, with a lot to learn! i hope i can soak it all up and not ask too many of the stupid questions i'm sure you guys hear all the time! thanks for having me -shaun


Shaun, you'll never catch me.  I hold the record for stupid questions.   :)

Great place here and the folks here are the best on the Internet.
The probability of being watched is directly proportional to the stupidity of your act.


hey michael, i was just wondering about the different maps. i downloaded the ohio map, and am in the process of downloading ohio and all the states around me. will this new map overwrite or take the place of my old map? and what if this whole new map of like 5 different states doesn't fit on my 60csx? will i be able to select certain portions to include more detail of those areas? thanks for the help in advance ??? -shaun


The 60csx only recognizes one gmapsupp.img file.  Each time the software sends a gmapsupp.img file to the GPSr it will overwright any existing gmapsupp.img file.  You open one mapset in MapSource/BaseCamp; select the quads you want (or all) - they will be listed in the windon on the left with the total number of quads/segments and file size; open any additional mapsets and select from them; finally send to the GPSr as a single gmapsupp.img file.  You can not modify (add/delete quads) a gmapsupp.img file once it is created.



so i have the ohio map, and i have the NE usu part 3 map that includes a couple other states but more importantly shows state gameland borders. so are you saying i should delete the simple ohio map? it say i need a 25 or 8 digit unlock code when i go to utilities, then to manage map product. thanks for the help in advance -shaun


Neither mapset is locked so you should not be getting that message.
You can show/hide individual mapsets on the GPSr as needed.
Which are better for your purposes is your decision. 


do they save onto anyone elses computer as exe files? and does it matter that i hit browse and put them in a programs folder? just trying to trouble shoot here...


two members of your site told me that they were able to download "NE USA part 3" onto their gps devices, and one of the guys has the same garminmap 60csx that i have.

this map shows ohio with parts of 3 other states as well, topo, cities, rivers, lakes, ponds, AND state owned land shaded in of you has to know something about how to do this, something i'm forgetting... ???


It is best to use the uninstall program which came with the mapset as each one is designed to uninstall the mapset it was packaged with.

Each mapset needs to be installed on each computer.  The installer makes changes to the computer's register so MapSource/BaseCamp knows the mapset exists, where it is located, and what the necessary index files are named.  You can change the default location when you install the mapset using the installer (the .exe file you downloaded); however, once installed you would need to manually change the appropriate entries in the computer's registry - doing so is NOT recommended for the average computer user as making a mistake could render the computer unusable.


I have not download it.  I would guess the State owned land came from the Census TIGER AreaLandmark files.   TIGER is designed to assist census takers in locating where they are and was never intended to be all inclusive.  It is based on counties so the detail and extent of can varry from county to county. 

From your previous posts in this thread I am not sure what the issue/question is.


the question was how do i export the maps i already had on mapsource to my garminmap60csx?

i figured it out... after 8 hrs of talking on the forums, deleting and re-installing all the programs, and downloading the trial version of global mapper(which would make anyone happy to pay $250+ and be done with it after reading all the work involved in creating a map like the NE USA part 3), then going to bed at 7 am and thinking about it overnight i woke up and got back to it.(i'm currently layed off)

all i was missing was to hit the yellow triangle looking thing at the top of the screen on mapsource to turn my cursor into a selector to select the quadrants of my topo map i wanted to eport onto my 60csx. once i figured this simple step out, it took me only 3 minutes to download what had been taking me hours! hope this helps future newbies like me, i would have LOVED to had been told this... -shaun


by the way (the NE USA part 3) has public land shaded so you don't end up off course and on someone's private land.


Glade to hear you got it working.  Sorry we (I) did not realize the transfer issue was quad/segment selection related.  A few of the map authors, myself included, have admitted to having problems with MapSource the first time we used it.  Unfortunately Garmin uses the somewhat unusual method of using Window's registry entries to inform MapSource/Basecamp where the data files are located and provides little to no information on how to use the software (besides occasionally changing the program's screen looks).

List price on GlobalMapper is currently $350.  It is usefull in reading source data in various formats and outputting it in .mp format which the cgpsmapper program process to Garmin's .img format which the Garmin GPSr units use.  It is NOT able to read/display the .img files, nor is it used to combine nor send mapset data to the GPSr.

Some authors have used the GPSmapedit program to create small sized mapset(s). 


so i found a corner marker to my property then used a plot map and gps to make a track that goes around the perimiter of my property, i was wondering if there was a way i could connect these waypoints with lines and add them to my map that way i wouldn't have to go to the tracks menu to view this. any advice besides buying $350 software or is it un-doable? thanks in advance -shaun