Oregon 450 won't show enabled maps downloaded from Mapsource

Started by mrcyogi, December 10, 2010, 09:45:08 AM

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If you have a GA Topo folder with the .img files, a .tdb file and an uninstall.exe file then you already ran the .exe self-installing file you dowmloaded. 

As JB mentioned; you either need to be physically at the location of the downloaded maps or pan to their location in order to see them on the GPSr (it is NOT like MapSource where the entire mapset will be visible) - you also need to be zoomed in enough (in the range of 800' to 1 mile or so) for the data to be visible on the GPSr.  If zoomed out to far and/or outside the area of what was placed on the GPSr; then the built-in Garmin basemap will display (if it is enabled).


Okay. I got it all to work. Advice: (1) Save map downloads in the suggested folder in the pop up screens during downloading (you can only alter the name of the file that is saving in the pop up going to that location. (2) Download MapSource to your computer before you download GPS maps; they may not show in MapSource unless you do. (3) In MapSource go to "View" and make sure that "no map" is not checked in "Switch Product". (4) If you are sending map segments to your Garmin unit (mine is an Oregon 450), make sure you mark a "waypoint somewhere on those segments; my unit brings up the "base map" when I pull "Maps" up, so the only way to get to a map you want to use that's been transfered from MapSource and enabled on your unit is to go to the device menu and bring up "Waypoints". Then you can select the waypoint associated with the map you want and the device brings up the map.

Thanks for all your tips Heros and Sr. users that responded to my needs.
Marshall, [email protected]


So far after much experimenting, I've found that waypoints created in MapSource with a "map set" don't transfer to the unit. If I create waypoints with the base map on the unit and then view them in "Whereto" >"Waypoints", the waypoint selected goes to the "right" map not the base map??? Who's to know. I'll keep at it and report anything else of interest.



Waypoints are stored independently from the maps. They will work on any map. However, the Oregon 450 and a couple other of Garmin's newest models store waypoints in a different format. This is not compatible with Mapsource, so I suspect that's what's causing your issues. You will need to use Basecamp to properly manage waypoints on the Oregon 450.

In Garmin's own support forums, the developers said they would love to make Mapsource compatible with these new models, but realistically, they would probably never get around to it.