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Nuvi 750 Install Help

Started by Indrid Cold, August 21, 2010, 10:10:48 PM

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Thanks for the new map info. I have to ask a question. When I last left this forum I went and loaded some other state maps and anything in Arizona I missed. Iwas driving into work this morning and was hoping to see some elevation and new things I hadn't seen before. I took the view out of 3-D(normally drive like this) and set to track up. The other is track North. I seem to have donee soething that stoped the topo from working. I tried AZ topo only with basmap and nothing. Went back to turn on all around 5 maps and nothing. i think i tried every AZ map and nothing. Did I do something obvious of do I have to reload maybe just AZ topo. Thats all I really need but was playing around with like HI, MN, Southwest. Any ideas? Can I delete the maps from the unit easy and try again. Chad :'(


Like usual it's user error but I still don't know whats wrong. If you put the detail on the highest setting and move out of the city like Globe area the topo will come on but at lower detail it flashes for a moment and goes to a blank color. There must be to much data in the city? I guess I need to play with the detail and the unit more. The good thing the topo maps are in there.


Not completely sure what is happening, but it could be a couple of thing. If you were driving at highway speed, it might be that there's just too much data for your older model to update the screen fast enough, so it just gives up. I have seen that happen sometimes.

If you tap the screen to enter browse mode, do you see the map? You may need to zoom in as far as the 800 foot level to see details.


I have several maps installed on my 750. Most of them are topo and land ownership. I use the 750, on the ATV,  for when the Nuvi 500 is down. It works flawlessly, just as the 500 does with topo maps.

Once you get off road, I would disable the CN map, and just use the topo maps, and keep the zoom down to 800 feet.

It should work well at that zoom level. When you get back to the dirt roads or blacktop, just re-enable the CN map, and your good to go.


Nice on the 750 tips. I tried it today and panned around the state last night. I guess I got a little spooked being in the city and not seeing any elevation. Its pretty flat on the drive in, so its not shocking. Has anyone tried this unit by foot? The battery specs are ~5 hours. I'll have to look around again for charging. I'm trying to remember if you can charge right out of a usb 12V car charger if you don't have the vehicle mount on you trip. Here is another curve ball for anyone interested. When I hooked up the gps for the first time I believe Garmin offerd a free annual upgrade on new US map changes. Online the southwest and the southeast was backwards on Garmins website. I clicked on the one I though was correct for the southwest but it gave me the southeast. I think annual updates are fine for me and was wondering if you called Garmin tech support they can revearse it? Anyone had similiar problem?


If it is like the handheld units, it will NOT charge from the USB cable.  Reason being they do not check for the battery type so if non-rechargeables were in the unit the batteries would be damaged and possibly the unit itself.
Quote... and was wondering if you called Garmin tech support they can revearse it?
You can best answer this yourself by calling them.  From what others have posted Garmin is very considerate about such situations.  I would think they would like to know if the website selections are reversed so they can be corrected..


The 750 has internal rechargeable batteries. Supposedly non-serviceable by civilians. However many have replaced the battery from batteries bought on Ebay, and with help from U-Tube videos. However it does run from a powered cradle.

Whether it will recharge from a USB connection depends on the USB connection. There are pins in the USB connector that have to have power for the unit to recharge. There a cables that serve only to allow communication between computer and GPS, and cables that allow recharging.

So that is a definite maybe.


From Garmin support:

Question:  How do I charge my GPS unit?

There are three ways to charge the internal battery in your automotive GPS unit.1  

1. Use the provided vehicle power cable that came with your GPS unit.  The unit will charge while powered on and using the device as well as when the GPS unit is powered off and plugged into a running vehicle.

2. Use an AC power adaptor.  Some units come with this power cable to plug the GPS unit into a wall outlet allowing the GPS unit to take a charge.  For units that do not come with this cable, one can be purchased from Garmin's online store.

3. For most units, the final way of charging the battery is to plug the GPS into a powered on computer with a USB cable2.  This method of charging will be a trickle charge and it may take longer than the other two options, however it will still charge the battery.  A USB cable is provided with a few GPS models. For those that don't come with this cable, one can either be ordered from the online store or you can use a standard USB to mini-USB cable that fits the unit and plugs into your computer.

1 - Please note that temperature can play an effect on the charging of a device. If the battery registers a temperature of 0°C and below or 45°C and above (32°F and 113°F respectively) then it will not charge. When connected to external power it will only be operating off of external power.

2 - The Quest® and Quest® 2 will not charge using a USB cable.

Last modified on:  12/30/2009


Thanks for the USB research. It's good to know you have it as a option (slow one). I'll see how Garmin support  goes and report. It sounds like it's not going to be an issue. Either way it's no big deal. I'm plenty happy with the data I have and have yet to have a problem finding what I need around where I live.