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BirdsEye subscription card

Started by Indrid Cold, June 04, 2010, 06:49:51 PM

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Indrid Cold

I like that they have made this available via a card purchase. Means I can buy a card and send it to an associate...

Garmin 010-11543-00


Yeah, I saw one of those at REI the other day. Would make a nice gift for somebody.  :)


Looks like the same thing they're doing with the map subscriptions/upgrades.  Probably a smart move getting people to commit in the store
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However... if you purchase a BirdsEye-compatible unit, don't buy one of these cards. Make the purchase on Garmin's website instead. When you register your GPS you will get a 10% coupon code which can be used to purchase anything at You can then apply the code to a BirdsEye subscription.

This is what I did when I subscribed, and BirdsEye cost me $27 instead of $30.  ;D

Indrid Cold

In any case, shop around, several places sell them for less than the $30. I have seen DeLorme subscription cards going on sale over the3 net for about $20, wouldn't a sale on the Garmin card mean you could "stock up" on the next couple of years at a discount?


Yes - sorry, that was a typo, I meant 10%.

Never thought of that... is selling them for $28 in fact. Still not as good as $27 with the discount at Garmin though.  ;)

Indrid Cold

As they become available in more places I would thing there will be better pricing.