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I currently am using a Magellan Triton 500, but have since discovered that getting personalized maps like land ownership, BLM TOPOs is expensive and troublesome.  So I am looking to trade in to a Garmin.  I am looking a two different models, one, the Garmen eXtrex Venture hc that Walmart sells for $169, and the 60CSx that Amazon sells for about $130.00 more.  I plan on using the unit for hiking and backcountry uses along with driving around sightseeing in the car.  maybe Geocaching if I am in the mood.. LoL!..

Anyhow, the question I have is which is the better buy.. In otherwords, do I need all the power of the 60CSx or can I get by with the Venture hc?  What are the pro's and cons?

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