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Using The Maps/Garmin Software / Re: lost tracks
December 12, 2019, 06:01:29 AM
Thanks, Boyd.

I do need to start saving my tracks independently from BaseCamp; I had to learn that the hard way! I was unable to find some of the missing tracks.

Thanks for responding, and cheers to you and all for 2020!!
Using The Maps/Garmin Software / Re: lost tracks
December 05, 2019, 05:58:13 AM
I figured it out. Backup your most recent, then do a restore backup from a previous backup, then export any tracks of interest from that backup, then restore your latest backup, then import the tracks you just exported, then save the result as your latest backup. Rinse and repeat. Sorry if I woke anybody up on this sleepy forum, cheers.
Using The Maps/Garmin Software / lost tracks
December 04, 2019, 08:31:22 AM
Recently I noticed that many (maybe 40 or so??) of my GPS tracks (~250 total tracks) that were previously in my Basecamp database have vanished. I suspect the gyrations I had to take on downgrading Basecamp to an older version in order to be able to load GPS File Depot maps again may have been the culprit; I can't think of any other reason for this to have happened...  The good news is, I do have several Basecamp backups available from the last year. Plus, some of the missing tracks from Basecamp are still on my 64s unit - but not near all of them.

So, what is the correct procedure to comb through my older Basecamp backups to find tracks that are not currently on my Basecamp, and restore them, but while still keeping recent tracks that are not on the older backups. In other words, how do I get ALL of my older tracks back, but not lose the newest tracks?? I want all of my tracks!! Will importing the old backups from the flawed latest version of Basecamp force an upgrade from my functioning older Basecamp to the current flawed Basecamp?? I doubt it, but wanted to ask.

I hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance for your sage advice.
Thanks for that link; I did not know about that program. I appreciate your willingness to always provide a helping hand!
I am getting a new PC with Win 7 64 bit on it. My old PC has Win 7 32 bit. My question is, after I download BaseCamp to my new PC, can I just transfer my existing GPSFiledepot maps from the old PC to the new PC, or would it be best to just download the maps I want onto the new PC, so BaseCamp knows exactly where they are? I am afraid that if I transfer my existing maps from old PC to new PC, BaseCamp on the new PC won't know where to look for them. Any advice would be appreciated. I have read about using My Trails on Win 7 64 bit, so I have that trick in my pocket already, if needed.
GPSr Units / Re: 62s problems
July 05, 2012, 09:01:50 PM
Well, WebUpdate worked good just now. Is it that I had my GPSr in Mass Storage mode this time? If so, forgive my ignorance, I didn't remember that it needed to be in mass storage mode. Thanks for the reply, it got me to trying it again!
GPSr Units / Re: 62s problems
July 05, 2012, 08:57:22 PM
Wierd, I just tried MapInstall, and it worked this time....very strange. It had not been giving me the list of Maps I have installed on my PC, but it did just now, seemed to work perfect. I guess I will try WebUpdater again now...
GPSr Units / Re: 62s problems
July 05, 2012, 08:49:59 PM
I get the message during the download. I see no file with the extension .gcd in internal memory on the GPSr. This is also where I am seeing I have 1.68Gb free memory. MapInstall says zero maps, although I do have a small map of another location in the GPSr.
GPSr Units / 62s problems
July 05, 2012, 04:36:21 PM
I have two problems with my 62s:

1) when I try to use WebUpdater to update my GPSr from version 3.9 to 4.3, up pops a dialog box that says "the update file is corrupted".

2) when I try to add a map to my unit's memory (no card in it), (with 1.68Gb free memory!!), MapInstall, before I even select a map tile, says "over by 6Kb, 0 total maps selected".

Anybody know what might be the problem with either of the above? I am buffaloed. Thanks in advance for any help.
GPSr Units / Re: New Garmin 62s
March 16, 2012, 06:16:47 AM
The most comprehensive set of short tutorial videos on a variety of devices I have seen are at GPSCity website. Just search for the specific model, pull up that model, then click on the "videos" tab. I think you can also find these (and others) on YouTube. They have like 37 videos just for the 62s!! They also have great prices with a price match. I got my 62s for 249.99 on Black Friday via a price match to match Gander Mountain special price, but GM  price was with a rebate (ugh!!). Didn't have to deal with sending in a rebate with GPSCity, and their delivery was really quick, even though they were temporarily out of stock due to lot of demand due to low price. They have a Q&A tab for each device on their website.
Seldom, I belive it makes a transparent map, like "My Trails". I have used it, and it works good, although all the tracks are the same color, which may be fine, depending on what is desired.
Check out the program "gpx2img". It will turn your many tracks into one gpx track.

"Read that in the Amarillo Airport, but didn't get to see it (business trip).  Hope you guys are getting some rain."

If you flew in/out of Amarillo from Dallas or Houston, you might have seen Palo Duro if you were on the lucky side of the plane. If you going/coming from the west or northwest, no such luck.

We have had some snow/rain this winter, but mostly wind. Thankful for what we have gotten, need a bunch more. I kinda marvel now when I see pictures of places that are green, after last spring/summer.
Seldom - Palo Duro Canyon is like 1 mile wide and 750-800 ft deep in the State Park, but keeps broadening out and not as deep as it meanders to the southeast, away from the State Park. The prarie land around it is also losing elevation also as you go southeast, so the canyon is not as deep as it is around the State Park, where the surrounding elevation is around 3500 ft. At least, this is true from what I have seen when looking at a lot of the canyon further southeast from the State Park on topo maps in Basecamp. paloduro the OP may have better knowledge than me of specific areas downstream of the State Park, but I believe what I indicated is generally true from my topo tea leaves reading.

They say Palo Duro is the second biggest canyon in the U.S., but it pales in dimension to the Grand Canyon. Hiking down into the Grand Canyon is on my bucket list.

Speaking of BirdsEye, I find it useful around Palo Duro Canyon, and you can certainly see dirt roads with it. Not as good as Google Earth is in the same area, but not too bad. I have used Google Earth to trace out hiking/horse trails, and you can even see some game trails which are useful when planning bushwhacking hikes. I then transfer via gpsvisualizer to Basecamp to my 62s. Very handy indeed.

Hey paloduro,

If you are talking about ranches and deep canyons around Palo Duro Canyon, you very definitely do NOT need an external antenna, any relatively recent GPS will do. If you aren't talking about Palo Duro Canyon, never mind.

If you are talking about Palo Duro Canyon, I have hiked very extensively in and around the state park, using both a Garmin 60Csx (with SIRFStar III chip) and a new 62s, with outstanding results. This includes bushwhacking up most of the creek beds, surrounded by terrain several hundred feet above my head, with very good reception, for about 99.8% of the time. And, you won't be driving up/down any of these creek beds, I can assure you.  ;D

Of course, going in a cave tends to block all GPS signals, but you won't be driving in them, either.... ;D