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Map Making Support / Re: Making new map from custom kmz maps and tracks
« on: October 01, 2019, 08:20:34 PM »
I might give windows a shot then.
I am also finding that basecamp is very unstable on the Mac.
Are there any alternatives?

Map Making Support / Re: Making new map from custom kmz maps and tracks
« on: September 22, 2019, 10:47:01 PM »
imgfromgpx may do what you want, it converts .gpx files to simple Garmin .img files (maps). There's another, similar program called gpx2img (I think).

Making a more complex map involves a learning curve, and can be done with free or commercial software. There are comprehensive tutorials here on the site. A simpler option is a program called MapWel

It has a free demo but you must pay for the fully functional version. Its (arguably) the most user-friendly way to make Garmin maps and it can do everything, as opposed to other solutions that require multiple programs.

Thanks for the help.
I should have mentioned i am running a mac. Do you have any other programs i can use?
I do have VMware but would prefer to run mac only.
I was actually thinking about trying basecamp in VWmare windows  as it is very unstable on the mac.
Can programs like mapwel create transparent overlays like the other 2 in your post?

Map Making Support / Making new map from custom kmz maps and tracks
« on: September 20, 2019, 02:49:24 PM »
I have a bunch of tracks and waypoints on custom kmz maps.
Its all getting very messy and would like to write permanent tracks with markings on them.
Ideally tracks would be in different colors with arrows and track gradings.
Not sure on the best way to go about it.
I am prepared to play around with some map making software. Unsure on the costs and complexities of the process though.

I have also found this program
imgfromgpx form java gps tools
I think it creates a new track overlay over any map which i use.
This sounds like a great option also as i have some maps which overlap each other.

Appreciate any help.

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