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Your right! Turns out I was in Belgium.  ::)
I knew it was something dumb like that. Tried on work computer with Win10 and it also works there too.
Thanks so much! Amazing maps. Love that 1899 one. Thanks for all the hard work you continue to do. A great service for all of us.

Thanks for the info. I will check out your suggestions and get back to you.


Hello, I live in Sweetwater nj and love the pine barrens. I used to use Boyds maps on my 60CSX all the time. They are fantastic. Thanks for that!
Recently I have followed the Mobile Atlas Creator install and adding Boyd's maps tutorials to the letter. For some reason when for example I see Boyds 1899 in MOBAC in the menu I click on it and nothing but red X's. Same for other maps. Win7 64bit. I know I am doing something stupid so please feel free to let me know just how stupid that thing is.

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