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After struggling through getting the new cadastral mapset loaded on my ETREX VISTA HCX, I can't figure out which setting lets me zoom to get the name of the propery owners.  I see it on my PC and I can see the lot boundaries on the GPX but cannot get how to zoom to see the actual name on the GPS.  Help
All I do know is that going into regedit and deleting the two Garmin folders that are located in the software folders for current user and local machine H keys does fix this problem.  Then reloading the CD seems to restore mapsource. 
I'll download it today and give it a try tonight.  thanks much.  Hunting Havoc. 
Here is the link from the Garmin website.

The version is MapSource software version 6.15.4 . 

It does not recognize that I have Mapsource loaded regardless of which folder I copy the patch into when I launch it. 
Using The Maps/Garmin Software / Mapsource Patch Failure
February 26, 2009, 02:03:53 PM
Anybody know why when I would download the latest Mapsource patch from Garmin's website it fails to see that I have a version already loaded so it gives me an error?  I just have the Garmin folder set-up and within that folder is the Mapsource file.   
I know I must be missing some basic step in transferring the Montana Landowner TOPO from this site into my Mapsource Program from the 2008 Garmin US TOPO CD.  I have Mapsource running fine using the maps provided with the Garmin US TOPO.  I followed the instructions from this site which shows how to create the Custom folder, copy the zipped filed in and click on the .reg file inside the MT Landowner TOPO folder.  Mapsource asks if you are sure you want to "add the information"... .reg to the registry.  If you select no, it stops the process if you enter yes then presumably it does edit the registry files.  However, as soon as I do this Mapsource will no longer run and it reports a " there is a problem with the mapsource program, please reinstall the program."  I have done this by trying everything I can think of including to unzip the folder first, selecting "open with" to see if there is some other option. Everytime it results in causing a Mapsource error.  I am able to reload the Mapsource program but only after having talked to Garmin Technical support where they directed me to manually go into the "regedit" protocol and manually delete the Garmin Folders in two of the software folders.  This does allow me to get Mapsource up and running again after reinstalling the program but as soon as I try to transfer the MT Landowner TOPO folder in again, the same problem occurs.     Any help would be appreciated, losing too much sleep thinking about this.  Hunting Havoc
I am wondering if anyone knows how new of Garmin Vista unit is required to download the land ownership maps that are available on this site.  I have a Garmin Vista (probably 1998) and the Garmin Mapsource CD but I was unable to load the new land ownership files.  I downloaded the land ownership zip files from this site but I am guessing the older version of Mapsource is looking for files of a different extension.

I was wondering if the newer version of Mapsource would allow me to download these new landownership maps or if I need to be looking at a newer Garmin model??

Hunting Havoc