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Any way to keep a copy on the card as well------
Not real sure here what you are asking. To save the tracks to the sd card select tracks-setup-uncheck wrap when full- select data card setup-check log track to data card at top of screen.
If you are talking about old saved logs- I would think you could transfer them to mapsource-then back into the GPSr sd card from mapsource.

I think I'm too conditioned to backing all my work up in multiple locations!  Okay, this was great and has helped me a lot.  Thanks everyone!

Thanks everyone.  Many questions answered, even those I hadn't thought to ask yet!  I was just looking at hiding maps, and all the maps on the SD card do scroll down (as Jimbob mentions), which is what I was I trying to see. 

As for disabling maps.  For the state of Maine, I have 149 maps loaded - around 75 each from Topo2008 and the Maine mti topo.  This is on top of the Garmin basemap.  Should I disable the Garmin basemap, and Topo2008 maps, or also disable the other quadrants on the mti map I am not using? 

And if I should do some piecemeal disabling of the mti maps, is there a way to rename them?  Also, is it possible to see the individual quadrants on the GPSr like you can on MapSource? 

I appreciate the responses!

Will the 60CSx allow me to rename several different maps in .img format and keep them on my SD card.  I have seen mention of this and tried renaming several maps, and created a folder called Maps to keep them in, but the unit doesn't seem to be reading them unless they are renamed as gmapsupp.img?  Is there a trick I am missing?

Also, how can I read what's on the SD card on the GPSr itself?

I was thinking of loading all the maps in the Northeast, coupled with the Garmin 100K corresponding maps as separate state maps.  However, I could just as easily load the entire region as one.  Will the 60CSx work at the same speed if reading a state map versus a multi-state region? 

Another great scoop, Jimbob.  My computer now reads the card.  Is there a way to toggle between the card and the unit while in this mode?  Being connected to the card locks out the GPSr controls on my unit until I shut it off?  I did send the daily logs to the card.  My saved logs must be on the internal storage I take it?  Any way to keep a copy on the card as well?

seldom_sn.  Good to know.  Odd the unit is still on USB1? 

I have a Garmin 60CSx, with the basemap it came loaded with.  The 100K map came off Topo 2008, which is a separate disc that I opened in MapSource.  From what I can tell, the basemap is loaded in internal memory, and the stuff I've transferred has gone to the mSD card.  Of course, now I have to tinker and get my system (Windows 7 with multiple drives) to recognize the card!  I can read it through a card reader, just not through the unit?  And I should have checked that the factory installed card was the 64mb one listed, and not the 1GB surprise upgrade...would have not picked up a 2 GB one at the store!  But, such is life. 

Thanks for the scoops.  Good to know every transfer of maps will overwrite what's presently on the card!  Not on the card were several routes and waypoints that I also transferred.  Do all routes get stored on the internal memory? 

Cool, thanks for the explanation.  My unit actually came with the Garmin 100K maps, which have the Adirondack trails (albeit a little out of date on some) so I loaded both and will check it out in the field this weekend. 

Look forward to playing around with this great site as I do more with my GPSr!

Thanks for the ideas.  I'll try loading the trails map into my unit.  I'm a little worried, for toggling back and forth between the two maps in Mapsource, the two maps don't align.  Of course, that could be something with the program, so we'll see how they line up in the actual gps. 

Should I remove the NY Topo, and reload it with Trails100 at the same time?  It sounds that way from your replies. 

Also, for my previous map and compass adventures I charted a course on National Geographic Topo! which is similar to the map downloaded here, except they have most of the older established trails.  You can't send those maps to a Garmin, however is there a conversion process out there to bridge those two formats?

Using The Maps/Garmin Software / Hiking trails on the New York Topo
« on: May 27, 2010, 06:05:15 PM »
Hello, first time post and pretty much a noob with my first gps. 

The NY Topo doesn't show any hiking trails, aside from being exemplary in its detail.  I downloaded the trails overlay map, and am under the impression that MapSource ( I have a 60csx) won't allow me to overlay the trails on to the topo map? 

Are the trails on the NY map, and I just can't see them?  (zoomed in all the way)

Or how can I overlay them myself? 


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