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As far as waypoints goes, I tried xImage, but perhaps I'm too stupid to follow the directions.  I just want to add symbols I'm seeing in Mapsource.  You put me on the spot with "which ones do you want" because right now I only want one. :)  For some reason there is no "lake" or "body of water" icon on the unit, which seems like quite the oversight (I use "swim location" currently to mark all the alpine lakes I visit).  Also, I'd like to be able to choose from some existing ones others have created.  I use a few flags and pins that I'd like to replace, but don't really know with what (such as trail junctions, trail "features", road features/intersections, waterfalls)
Hey, I have a couple of questions.  First, in Mapsource, there are many more waypoint symbols than what appear on my Garmin unit.  If I choose one of the symbols in Mapsource, and then try to load that waypoint to the unit, the symbol on the unit reverts back to standard symbol (blue flag).  How can I load some of those other Mapsource icons onto the unit?  I have a Vista HcX which has slots for 24 custom symbols.  I tried following directions on the "FreeGeographyTools" website for this process, but I could not find the .bmp for any of the Mapsource waypoint icons anywhere on my computer...  I'm not talented enough to create my own...

Also, does anyone have the CA Topo loaded on their Vista HcX?  I tried putting the gmapsupp img file on a blank micro SD card and it does not appear on the unit, even though it is in the garmin folder on the card. 

Is there a way to use that map in conjunction with other maps?  I can't load it to Mapsource using Map set Toolkit because my POS computer can't compile that much data.  It keeps blowing up every time I try (not enough memory).  What I'd like to do is be able to chop up the CA topo into segments, but I can't even open the img file alone because it is too big (POS computer again...).