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Fortunately, I have some time (except for that pesky day job thing) to investigate these so the 2 weeks is not too bad - especially, if I get familiar enough with the demo mode.

@Seldom - thanks for the JOSM link. 

As far as steering - you're right it is just up and down, but if the pilot is paying attention and has some skill, the wind blows in different directions and speeds at different altitudes.  Here in Albuquerque we have a North-South valley and on a good morning (calm clear night before), you can get 4 nearly orthogonal directions at different altitudes.

The 'red zones' often have live stock or other reasons for not wanting balloons around.  Its up to the pilot to stay an appropriate distance away, but it would be nice to have a little electronic help in the way of proximity alarms.   But it looks like a separate POI file can do this to an extent (make the proximity warning radius large enough).
@Seldom - I'm not sure the original author is available; inquiries have gone unanswered.  I looked at the OpenStreetMap project yesterday and the details for our area are more than adequate.  I didn't see a reference to a JOSM editor on that site (I'll look again later today), but I did see a reference to Merkaartor.  Are they at all similar?

@Popej - I know very little about raster maps, or any of this for that matter.  I'm a little concerned that there is limited storage on the Dakota 10 (no MicroSD card) .  I looked at GolbalMapper mentioned by @Boyd earlier.

Fortunately, I have an opportunity to pester one of the official event staff this weekend and find out what (if anything) they are pursuing with the original author.  Until then, I have been digging through their GPX file and comparing individual feature locations sources.

Thanks for your help.
GPSr Units / Re: Garmin Etrex 30
April 30, 2013, 09:27:22 PM
I have been able to upload a map from this site onto my eTrex 30.
But mostly I copy track files from the device and display and analyze them (my uploading is a one time success) - HOWEVER, two things I have noted:
- Make sure that you wait long enough for Windows to recognize the eTrex 30 has been connected to the computer (I often plug it in and get a cup of coffee).
- Do NOT let Windows re-format the drive.
- Once the eTrex 30 has been plugged into the computer and can be recognized at a 'thumb drive', start Basecamp

Can you recognize the device in Basecamp?  If neither the OS or the application recognize the device, there is nothing to upload the map to.

Good luck!
Albuquerque, NM

Basically, I'm reproducing and updating the map provided at the following link to be used with a Garmin Dakota 10 (remove white space):

(It's a very large file - 14 MB)  I intend to make it (the map, POI or whatever) available to be used as a navigation aid.  This year I am not officially associated as a staff member or volunteer of this event - so there is no 'sponsorship' for tools. (And there is a question of liability - but that's for others to decide.)

At the bottom of the parent page is a GPX file which is a good start, except:
- There is duplicate data (I can fix that).
- The provided GPX file an overlay of tracks and and way points and it needs better underlying map data (e.g., roads) than what's provided with the default Garmin map.  (Hence my thinking that a better map should be provided - I use the NM Topo from this site on my eTrex).
- The provided GPX file uses tracks to define polygons, but is unable to fill/shade the polygons.
- Proximity alarms should be used and are not.
- (I think that) using tracks as drawing tools will confuse actual path tracks taken making it hard to distinguish between 'map data' and 'actual track data'
- There is a great range of GPS skill expected among the users of this map - it should be as simple as possible!
The area is a rectangle about 60 miles North to South by 30 miles East to West and contains a city of a population of about 500,000.

Thank you both.

I was not certain that a new Map file would be the best approach. 

The Point of Interest sounded promising (less work, easier to update, exchange ...) but the polygon areas have me stumped (and I haven't even started yet!).

The maps available on this site far and away exceed what was provided with my receiver.  You are (and this site is) an excellent resource!
Thanks - Mapwel looks promising, except for the per device cost to upload the map to the unit.  With the potential for up to 500 devices using the map that is well more than I can afford. 

(Trying not to sound ungrateful) what alternatives would you suggest.  GPSMapEdit or GlobalMapper?  Or are these even similar programs?

It sounds as if you'd suggest that a new map is the approach to pursue?

Again, thank you for your advice.
I use an eTrex 30, but my 100+ friends will be using a Dakota 10. (I may have to join them; I loose the good altimeter, but gain a larger screen and a touch screen interface).

I assumed that GPX files were limited to waypoints, tracks and routes.  I imagine that I could define a track around a boundary of one of the areas (although this seems like a 'kludge').  But more important than the proximity, is the ability to fill and display the bounded area in a specific color.

(This is great help so far - making me re-assess what I think I know about this - Thanks!)
I'm new to this and not sure where to begin.  I need to create a custom map or overlay (or something else?) that has these three features:

- Identify polygon areas on the map and shade these areas with specific colors (red or yellow).  These areas are generally city lot size, but could be industrial plants, city parks and so on (some larger than 400m in one or more direction, some not even that big).  Proximity alarms from the borders of these would be very useful.

- Custom points of interest (symbol).  Proximity alarms would be useful on some, useless on others.

- Display arbitrary boundaries: 5 nautical miles from the stadium, 2 statute miles from the penitentiary, the key hole shape that surrounds an airport on an aeronautical chart and so on.

It would be extremely useful to associate a name (32 characters or less) with these.  It would also be useful to associate text with these (even if it is just a comment in an XML file).  Specific colors have meaning for these features.

I have no idea where to begin.   I don't know of a POI file has this capability.  Do I need to modify an existing map?  Or something else.  Any advice will be appreciated!