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I meant that when viewing the maps on the mapsource app I understand what the maps are supposed to look like. When I load it onto my sd card and plug into my oregon it doesn't look like any of the maps are working. I can see that mapsource transferred the files over to the memory card because I can see the gmapsupp.img file. I can also see the map selections in the oregon that are available to enable or disable. Everything is enabled but it just looks blank on the oregon map screen.
I am new to this also. I just bought a 450t on sale. I have followed the instructions and installed mapsource on my pc. I downloaded and installed a bunch of the maps available here for midwest region. I transferred a few of the maps to a 4 gb micro sd card but I can't see the same thing I see on mapsource. I checked the map selection screen and I have all the options to enable the maps but when I look at the map in my 450t it doesn't look like it is working. The whole process looks like it is working correctly. Why can't I see the maps on my 450T? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks