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Operator error.
The Pine Barrens are nearly all swamp, and there is very little elevation change.
But if you zoom in nearly all the way with Basecamp, you can see the topo lines.
Lots easier to see if you go up where there is elevation, such as Delaware Water Gap.
I've just downloaded and installed into Basecamp the New Jersey topo map file, 114-1182-new_jersey_topo_install
it properly shows as njtopo11
and it has roads and streams as expected. But it doesn't show any topo elevation contours.

In the past, I've been using PA, WV and VA topos, and they all work as expected -- with elevation contours.

The njtopo11 even shows a lot of sand trails thru the Pine Barrens, but no elevations.
Are they there? did I do something wrong?