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Photo of Final product is attached
Thanks Boyd!
Got it to work. But had to find a windows machine. Unfortunately, the author of IMGFromGPX hasn't updated the Mac version to work with the new security requirements of a modern OS-X Mac operating system.
OK, but after getting my hands on a windows laptop, your instructions were dead on.
Thank you very very much !
I am able to convert the KML file to GPX using GPS Babel, then pull it into a layer in JOSM Editor. But I am lost after that.
I'd like to display the maidenhead grid boundaries (4 digit) on top of the USA. right now, I was able to take a KML file and get a whole bunch of tracks that I can turn on or off, but I would much rather have a map that is on all the time (so I can actually see the grid squares' boundaries with other maps under them.

Anyone know of any such map, or can point me in the right direction on how to make one? I am on a Mac, so some of the tools will not work for me.

thank you
Thanks, sadly Javawa's software can't run on a modern Mac with the latest software.
Ah, I missed the whole "it has to be FAT32" formatted. I believe the max size for FAT32 partition is 32Gb, so looks like I have to buy some smaller microSD.

thank you for the help. I loaded them on an old 2Gb micro SD card and they worked.

I feel like I went back 5 years in time... Glad I save the old 5 1/4" floppy disks... you never know when you will need them.
I'm on a Mac, with BaseCamp Version 4.8.6, MapInstall Version 4.3.2, and MapManager Version 3.1.2.

I have the same three maps listed in MapInstall and MapManger:

  • Florida Topo v 1.60
  • OSM generic routable new (US-FL_16-11-2019) v 1.00
  • US South Atlantic OSM Topo v 1.00

The Florida Topo is composed of 30 Maps.
The OSM generic is composed of 30 Maps.
The US South Atlantic OSM Topo is composed of 134 Maps.

When connected to the GPS, MapInstall says "This device already has your latest maps fully installed."

BaseCamp sees the device, and Basecamp shows the SD card has 61.9 out of 63.8 Gigs free.

However, the Maps are not listed in BaseCamp under My Garmin Devices, Maps... Nor, can I see them on the device in order to enable them.

Can someone please tell me what I am overlooking and why the maps are not working on the new etrex 30x ?
thank you