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General Discussion / Re: where to buy sd cards?
August 11, 2010, 10:56:48 AM
thanks.  i know that you can buy them just about anywhere today.  i have read that sandisk and kingston were two of the better ones.  i am looking for 2gb cards.  the link that was on here had them
for a real good price and i was looking to purchase about six.  thanks again
General Discussion / where to buy sd cards?
August 11, 2010, 10:21:40 AM
hello,  i bought a few kingston sd cards for my rhino from a link on this site last year.
i can't seem to find it on here .  i was wondering if someone could help me out please. 
i am looking to purchase a bunch for my new trail cameras.  thanks.
Using The Maps/Garmin Software / Re: New England Topo map
February 06, 2009, 04:22:28 PM
yes i would love if you could post a copy ;D   did you do this with the new- new england topo that savage created ?  thank you
Using The Maps/Garmin Software / Re: New England Topo map
February 06, 2009, 03:28:16 PM
hello, i was just doing some research on line and if you can create a tar.gz that should work from what i have read .   i guess that tar/zip might be the same thing and that will probably work.  this is what i read " i like to use the tar.gz format for files that i would only use on my mac and linux machines"
i hope this is some help to you because i am really hoping to be able to get this map for new england.
thanks a lot .... ;)
Using The Maps/Garmin Software / Re: New England Topo map
February 06, 2009, 01:33:46 PM
hello savage,  i am very excited about downloading this map on my mac and trying it out on my new gps but i am having trouble. does it have to be in the form of .tgz  and not .exe?  the other question i had was that i tried to delete the previous mass topo map from my micro sd card before i tried to download this one from my card reader but it would not let me.  there was no place that would let me delete it so i tried to drag it into the trash.  it first said that it would be permanently  deleted then i clicked ok then a box appeared up top and said  "the operation cannot be completed because you do not have sufficent privileges for "gmapsupp.img".   do you have any idea how i can get rid of the old one.   thanks for your help and hopefully i will be able to get this new map...
General Discussion / Re: Is US TOPO Better????
February 05, 2009, 01:38:04 PM
hello,  i was not trying to say that you said that the ma topo was 24k sorry.  what i was trying to say was that i thought when i downloaded the ma topo from maps on this site that it was going to look like
boyds in the above post.  i guess i was wrong.  if i can get a mass and maine topo to look like that i will be one very happy camper.  i agree that boyds screenshot looks much better than the garmin map.  ok i guess that i just don't download the ma topo and expect it to look like boyds, i have to actually build it?  but it is possible for me to build one and get it to be 24k for ma is this correct? 
my other thing is that i have a mac and want to know if the tutorials are for them also.
thanks again for all of everyone's help & info.
Map Making Support / downloading multiple maps ?
February 04, 2009, 04:25:02 PM
hello, i was wondering what will happen if i download ibycus usa map on my 2g micros sd flash card that  already has a massachusetts topo map that i got from this site.  how will this work?  do i need to put it on a different card or can i choose from my gps which one i want to use?  i guess i am asking the same question again but what if i was to add the garmin 2008 mass topo map or another topo map from this site if another one comes out for mass?  what would happen?  thanks for the help... ;)
General Discussion / Re: Is US TOPO Better????
February 04, 2009, 04:03:11 PM
Garmin's TOPO 2008 is a 100k TOPO, following the tutorial you will be able to have a 24K TOPO. Also you will have newer road data and I believe better water data... So you will be able to make a better map that is available from Garmin at this point. I own TOPO 2008, I never use it anymore after going to 24K maps.

hello,  i just downloaded the topo map for massachusetts a couple of days ago and i don't believe that it is 24k.  the other thing is that you mention how it is up to date.  well when i took it out in the woods the other day for my first time it showed a store called angelos which is now stop & shop and has been for the past 15 years anyways.  i don't know if i did something wrong or it was just that map fro mass that is so outdated.  i would love to have a 24k map for mass & maine  
and don't want to spend the money on the garmin maps.  do you have any suggestions?
i downloaded the map from this website.  i clicked on maps and then went under us topo maps and downloaded the one for massachusetts.  it is pretty flat in this area that i was and it did show a few ponds and rivers but not really and wetland areas like my buddies etrex gps that has the garmin 2007 topo downloaded on to his.  my map also showed streets which i liked but didn't think that many topo maps showed streets?  i am probably wrong.  i am very thankful for getting this map for free i guess i was just expecting more.  everyone says how these maps are better than garmins topo 2008 maps but
i just find it hard to believe that garmins 2008 topo maps are not better than the map i have.  well if anyone knows if they are coming  out with something new for mass and maine a 24k map please let me know .  thanks for everyones help.... ;D

 hello,  i have read that the maps on this site were much better than the garmin topo 2008 maps.
           i downloaded the topo map of mass the other day on the micro sd card that dan recommended
          and it went real easy.  when i took it out in the woods with me yesterday it was showing a grocery store (angelos) that is now stop & shop and has been for fifteen years minimum.  so unless i did something wrong this map is ancient and did not show to much topo info.   it also did not look anything like the screenshot they show you on the page before you download it.  is there a more recent map out there of mass 24k and maine 24k?  now that i have this on my card will it be possible to take it of and download something newer.   i am not to sure how that will work ?  if this matters or not i have a garmin rhino 530 hcx.   looking forward to see what is going on..  thanks
General Discussion / looking for some help please
January 19, 2009, 03:41:54 PM
 ???  hello , i am new to this website and was trying to get some information on what direction to go first.  i just ordered a new garmin rhino 530hcx.   this is my first gps and will be using it for hunting and scouting in the new england area mostly maine, mass.   i plan on purchasing the bennett video that is suppose to have step by step instructions.  has anyone used this dvd?  i believe the gps comes with a base map but was told to buy the garmin topo u.s 100k,  but had heard there may be better
topo map software that i could buy that would be better. is this true, and if so what is it?  i just read something intersting on a post about a new basecamp software that garmin just came out with?
well as you can tell i am a newby to this site and will probably be spending a lot of time on it in the future.  so if someone could recommend what to buy or not buy it would be greatly appreciated.
thanks a lot and we'll be talking ....chris