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Ok in lieu of being able to message the map maker, John_M. I am asking via a thread.

First is there a mac version of the South East (I have grabbed and used SE but why not the Northeast esp part 3 of 3?  I am looking for topos of SC, Va and Md. The SE takes care of SC and others I have some interest in.

Also I would like to build maps, after reviewing the howtos, it seems all the compiling and combining tools reside on M$. I have seen the MacGPS software as an aside. But I want to work on a mac.



General Discussion / Re: Do I need City Navigator for my 76csx
« on: December 25, 2009, 08:01:00 PM »
I only got the 2 GB because of what I read. 4 GB is 32 bit addressing, which I guess the processor runs, I presume so and was wondering if there was a special processor and addressing with a 2 GB limit.

I would presume to have latest firmware. It is brand new from Amazon ordering. At price they are now I would expect them to sell well.

Have not read any where yet, to be able to tell what the firmware is at I am sure it is there.  Fun looking around. Amazing how similar the navigation is to my GPS 12 XL. I like that consistency in design.

My wife was asking me what I am going to do with my compasses.  :D
She always liked that I know how to navigate.  I use to sail and I was taught to use a sextant ( family tradition). Now she thinks I am a weeny now.

OK another question maps4gps is a windows map, do I do a conversion so it will be in Mac form. Though I saw that documented some where.

Is windows and Mac version diff because it is actually a text file and messaging it between Windows txt to Mac/Unix ascii file?

Dang, it a whole directory, maybe each file is a "section" of a the map... More to look into..

GPSr Units / Re: Help selecting a GPS unit
« on: December 25, 2009, 07:44:59 PM »
The 60csx and 76csx are both going for ~280-290 on Amazon.

I got the 76csx because I am out on the water a fair amount 1/3 of my use.

I love how well the 76csx acquires even inside my house.  I have a rather old Garmin used for ever (GPS 12 XL).

But I am certainly no expert on GPS. I am also not that big of a fan of touch screens.

General Discussion / Re: Do I need City Navigator for my 76csx
« on: December 25, 2009, 07:38:34 PM »
Wow, that was a fast reply...

I greatly appreciate it.  Not sure if mapManger installed the map on computer. I saw the file was a tgz so I untared it and saw .gmapi file. I ran mapManager, then ran MapInstall, selected the whole map.  But not sure what mapManager actually did. ( I am a SW engineer, predisposed to play first read manual second). I saw where Garmin had there SW API and development available.  So I will definitely look into that. I run all manor of Unix/Linux/Mac.....

I put a 2GB on my 76csx.  I was seeing warning that maybe the whole 2 GB can not be addressed??? But it said 1.7 GB free after installing, NC.

I will look at your Planimetric mapsets. I am not sure I would use routing, but will look into it.  Seems most folks get CN, at least looking at BBs etc.. But I am not predisposed when all this work has been done by you folks.

Again much thanks.  Gots lots to learn.

This device picks up sats inside my house, quite a step up for me.  I am going to get lazy having all this convenience. 

General Discussion / Do I need City Navigator for my 76csx
« on: December 25, 2009, 02:15:56 PM »
I am somewhat new to GPS, but long long time orienteering, so topo and compass (adult leader BSA, always outdoor woods and water).  I do have a Garmin 12 XL, mostly for my fish finder and fishing.

But coveting a 76CSX for a long time, I got one today! Thanks family.

I am loaded with Macs, so I went downloaded MapInstaller and downloaded the NC topo, much thanks to maps4gps and GPSFileDepot. Works great on the 76csx, but not sure 100% working on the Mac, what is MapManger supposed to do? I get no gui to pop up, just the finder window.  I downloaded the Beta, I mean it has been a year since the first release...  Did I miss the docs??

But I have to ask why should I get City Navigator vs downloading Ibycus USA??

Please advise before I go plunking down $$$.  I will most likely buy lake mapping and be glad to take advice on that.

This is a wonderful site, tip of my hat to y'all. 

I am thinking geocashing might be fun just to have places to hiking to.

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