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just emailed the GPX file for our trek hope this helps
Thanks for all the responses, i just got back from a 75 mile Trek in Philmont, NM and used another map source, i was not able to get the transparent map to be selectable so it could be loaded.  Still looking for a solution.  If interested i can post the complete GPX file from my trip we only had one significant navigation error and took a dirt road instead of the trail
I under stand the overlay concept but i am having trouble selecting the map to load on to my Garmin 60csx works in in Base camp but can't get it to transfer any ideas with this?
I successfully loaded the philmont maps into Basecamp but when i tried to load the maps on the Garmin 60csx i wasn't able to select any map sections to load.  Just to verify that i have the complete img file in base camp the image is all the philmont waypoints with red trails but no topo features.  tried a couple of the tutorials and nothing seem to work