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Wow. Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm sorry if I offended you, is that your map?

Not everyone has the programming knowledge or time to create topos. Particularly when they have already been created.

To answer your question, they (you?) could JUST AS EASILY have named it ArkansasTopo11. Correct? Is there a character limit? To FURTHER answer your question, I come from a world where CLEAR and CONCISE information dissemination is critical.

Lastly, as I'm sure that you're aware, there are quite a few other non-state maps and topos that have an even less-clear naming structure. This post wasn't aimed directly at the maker of artopo11, but to all of the people who use an unclear naming structure. Forgive me for hoping that people would make the name clear to EVERYONE and not just the creator and people who eat/sleep/breathe map making and topos.

- Alex

Hi all, I recently purchased a Oregon 400t and 8GB MicroSD card.

I am trying to install many of the Topos of various states from GPSFileDepot and I am extremely frustrated with an apparent lack of ability to rename the maps. For starters, I don't understand why the people who created the maps in the first place didn't do something more clear, for example instead of naming a file artopo11, why didn't they simply make it Arkansas Topo? After all the work to create a Topo, why be lazy during the last step?!

Anyways, I've tried renaming the files to something a bit easier for me to quickly understand inside the GPS, but I can't seem to figure out how to do it. I tried doing a search, but I must be a bit slow because the results that I was able to find didn't make much sense to me.

Thanks in advance for the help.  :-[

- Alex

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