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I think the incorrect photo locations are a result of an oversight on my part.  I synchronized the times on the camera and GPS before leaving home.  I live in the Central time zone, but I crossed into Mountain time when I entered New Mexico. 

I didn't notice that the time on my Oregon 450 adjusted for the new time zone, but that appears to have happened and caused my geotagging to be off by the same amount.
That's a nice site Bab and I'm going to try it.  My photos aren't appearing in the correct locations on my track even though I synchronized the time on my GPS and on my camera before starting.  I'm going to try another utility to see if it locates them properly.
Thanks for your response once again Boyd!  I have had a little success by copying the tracks from my device, pasting them on my desktop, and then opening them with Mapsource.  I'm fine with using Basecamp too if it's a more direct or easier process.  Ultimately what I'm trying to do is save the track on Google Earth with geotagged photos so I can share with friends.  Am I on the right track?
I've archived tracks from a recent backpacking trip and from 2 dayhikes.  When I try to upload them from my Oregon 450 to my PC only the current track uploads to Mapsource.  How do I get the 3 archived tracks to upload?

Thanks again Boyd!  I don't think I would've ever stumbled upon that one.
I'm not sure that my mini SD card is seated properly in my Oregon 450. I noticed it looked pretty loose and moved around while I was changing the batteries earlier.  I've never felt it "click in" and don't want to be too heavy handed and break something.  I tried to depress the metal cover to snap everything in place, but it came off of its hinges.  It was easy enough to replace, but the card itself doesn't seem secure.  Has anyone else experienced this and have a suggestion?
GPSr Units / Re: Oregon 450 - $200 at REI thru 9/5
September 05, 2011, 05:40:23 PM
Mine arrived in the mail on Friday and I'm sending the rebate in the morning.  I'd been considering buying something in that class, but when my REI sale catalog arrived my mind was made up.  This is really my first experience with GPS and I'm very pleased with my purchase. 
Ahhhhh, that makes perfectly good sense!  And I would've probably stumbled upon it at some point, but that's one other mystery I won't have to worry over now. :)
Thanks Boyd.  Renaming the files is working.  They all appear in the Oregon's Setup Menu and are enabled and display properly.  I'll have to remember to do that from now on but trial and error (with the emphasis on error) is the best learning method for me. 

To answer your question,
QuoteWhen you look at the Oregon and the card on your computer, does each of them have a gmapsupp.img in the Garmin folder?
, apparently because there is still capacity on the Oregon, nothing has been saved to the mini SD card yet. 

Again, many thanks for your response!
Seldom, you may be right, but I think operator error is always a possibility with me.  Much of the terminology is new to me and given multiple options I believe I might often choose the wrong one.  Not trying to paint myself as a "simpleton", because I'm not, but I am definitely new at this and find much of it confusing.

Now for my present dilemma!  I succesfully loaded a selected portion of the NM Topo to my new Garmin Oregon 450 and was able to view the topo lines and other features on my 450.  Then I added a 4 GB Micro SD card to the unit.  (I say this because it may be a factor in my present difficulty.)  After inserting the micro SD,I sent a portion of the Texas topo downloaded from this site from Mapsource to my device.  That went well and without any error message.  I enabled it following the instructions per the tutorial on this site, but now the previously enabled NM topo isn't there or even listed on the Set-up>Maps>Select Map menu screen.  It currently only shows "Enabled - txtopo 11" and "Enabled - Worldwide Dem Basemap,NR".  My expectation was that all maps I've downloaded to the device would appear on this screen, but the NM Topo isn't.

Any idea where my NM Topo might be found now?  That's really the one I need for an upcoming backpacking trip.  I don't know if this would be necessary, but is there a way to delete a downloaded map from the device without resetting to the factory defaults?

Thanks again for your help.
Yes Boyd that's the map.  I uninstalled it, installed My Trails and then downloaded the NM Topo again and I've just checked Mapsource and can open it!

I don't know if it's an issue with Firefox, or an operator error (likely) but at least I'm past this obstacle now.

I appreciate the feedback.
I'm having the same problem with the NM Topo on my PC.  I just downloaded and installed BaseCamp and Mapsource in that order, and then the map.  I also don't have any drop downs.  I know I'm running Windows 7 but have no idea if it's 32 or 64 bit. 

As with the OP, thanks for any help you can provide.
I've installed Basecamp and Mapsource from this site onto my computer, and then downloaded the New Mexico map to my PC.  How do I get the map to open in Mapsource?  There is nothing at all in the Maps menu on Mapsource now.

Thanks for your help!