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Hi again guys,

I'm wondering... is it possible to build a route/itinerary using google earth and then put this into the Dakota?

The main reason being, I have roads showing in google earth (and physical maps) that don't show on my Garmin China map.

So, my idea is to build the whole route in google earth and put it into the dakota. If it's possible, how is this done?

I see! Thanks a lot Seldom!
that's a really great site! Thanks a lot again Boyd!

a further question. What is a routable and non-routable map, what does that mean?

(i feel like an idiot asking everything. In photography forums I'm the one who answers everything now  i ask everything  :-[ )
Quote from: maps4gps on September 01, 2011, 06:31:54 AM
That mapset just has elevation shading, no hydro, roads, etc.

Do you have any other good one to recommend? Preferably World Map but Asia and Africa is what's most important to me.

I'm a cycle traveler, I'll be cycling across Tibet for the 4th time in two weeks so I'm trying to get the best I can
That worked just GREAT!~ Thanks a lot Boyd! 
HI, I'm following this tutorial How To Load .img Files Into MapSource With MapSetToolkit
But on Step four I keep getting the following message for all my files :

"cannot find file or the filename is not composed always from 8 digits"

What is that supposed to mean? The .img files ARE 8 digits and I'm pointing to the right folder....

I'm clueless

Any help will be appreciated.

thanks Indrid. excuse my ignorance, but what is BaseCamp? I have MapSource, GPS mapper, training center but not that one.....
Hi Guys, I'm new here, just bought a Dakota 20 GPS and it's the first GPS i have so this is all new to me.

I just downloaded the World map .kmz from here and it says it should be installed on garmin/custom maps folder....but I don't have that one on my GPS by default.

Should I create one manually or what??

Thanks in advance!  :)