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One of the main uses I have for my gps is to use it to plan hikes, and store on the gps the route / path I will have to follow.  On a Garmin 62-series this is very easy, as I can upload om the Gps any number of tracks.  But on the Etrex, I don't know how to do that.

If I create a route, then the Etrex displays the names of the waypoints along the route (which are usually meaningless such as Lake012 or somesuch), completely cluttering the display.
If I convert the route to a path and upload the path to the gps, it works, but I am limited to 20 paths at most.

What is a good way on an Etrex or 60csx to plan and store paths to be followed during hikes?  How do you do this?


My thanks to John M for the South West US topo map (
While this map for some reason has no "gold star", after hiking for a while on the Sierra, I think this is the best map available: it has the most precise road locations, and the 20ft contour lines give a very good outline of relief on my Garmin 62st.
I nominate it for a gold star!
I have a Garmin 62s, and I have downloaded the California Topo map.
At large magnification, it is great and very detailed. However, when I zoom out, at some quite useful zoom levels the countour lines become so dense that it's hard to make anything out.
I tried to set the amount of detail to Small, but this degrades quite a bit the map quality even at large magnification, where the contour lines are not too dense.
Is there a way to tell a Garmin unit to just draw a subset of contour lines as one zooms out, so as not to clutter the map?