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GPSr Units / Finicky Dakota 20 Power Switch?
January 02, 2012, 07:40:05 PM
For some reason the power switch on my D20 (the ONLY switch  - sigh) seems to be really finicky.  Some days you have to  press it (using  a tool) in various sports until it tuerns on and other days it is fine.  Of course it is out of warranty and this is my prime season for it.  Anyone have any thoughts/ever seen this?
GPSr Units / Dakota Firmware 4.90 Upgrade - ROCKS!
December 02, 2011, 07:30:42 PM
latest firmware for the D20 now offers Image Viewer (like the Oregon) and also navigation to geotagged images.  Way cool! 

And for any one who read my post about using an  electronic boarding pass on their Dakota (or other GPSr) it is now a POC to do.

Kudos to Garmin!
I think this is relevant to this part of the forum...  Using the Custom Maps feature of  my Dakota 20 I successfully  loaded an electronic boarding pass  and "pinned" (geolocated) it to the airport I was departing from.  Boarded the plane successfully.  Sure had the ticket agent wonder WTH?   No more paper!

Anyone else try this?
I accidentally deleted a list item in my Basecamp library.  Any way to restore it ( and no, I had not backed up the data previously....) 

When I use Basecamp (latest version) I can load .img (image) files onto  the SD card in my Dakota 20 (and the internal Dakota storage) and they correctly appear on the base map included with the Dakota.  Nicely registered and all inside Basecamp.  This is exactly what I want to do with select Ibycus topo maps for a few mapsheet areas.   I want to see them on my Dakota.

I understand that the only way to convert those .img files so that I can install them to the Dakota is to get cgpsmapper and Mapsettoolkit and build all the indices needed.

Would getting Mapsource (BTW, spoke with Garmin today and despite the fact the Dakota manual explicitly talks about "use Mapsource to load maps", it is not included with the Dakota but I can buy it.  Yeah, right...) make th process of loading .img CANADA topos to my Dakota easier?  ???